Subscription FAQ's

Tired of your favorite cigars being out of stock? 
Want to save money on your smokes and have them delivered to your door on time!!!??
Sign up as a Subscription Member and we GUARANTEE your cigars to be in stock - or they're free!!
In order to become a CStore Cigars Monthly Subscriber simply:
1. Place your monthly order for two  or more items online through our secure checkout. 
2. Submit a selfie with your valid photo ID to or send your photo to 855-4ACIGAR.

It's that easy! Get started today!! 

And by becoming a Member, you'll receive discounted pricing and valuable coupons for our store - free cigar tubes - and free shipping!!
We will also give you access to our private phone number to text any service related issues - or just to chat about your favorite smokes!


How does it work?

We've tried to keep it simple! Just place your order for two or more items online - then submit a selfie with your photo ID to or text to 855-4ACIGAR. Then each month we will send you your purchase and keep you stocked with your favorite brands! Sign up easily and cancel anytime!

What will be in my box?

In addition to your subscription - you'll receive other discount offers and samples for similar products and services! (Promise we won't bog down your email with a bunch of stuff you don't want!)

Can I send a box as a gift?

Absolutely! CStore Cigars is glad to send your purchase as a gift!!  When you check out, please fill out your billing information, then simply choose “Ship to a different address” and you can enter your gift recipient’s address. (Just please make sure your recipient has a valid photo ID for delivery!)

When will I get my box?

When you order a monthly subscription, we will bill you and ship your first box right away.
After that, your boxes ship out between the 17th and 20th of each month.

How often/when will I be billed?

If you order a monthly subscription, you will be billed when you first place your order, then again on the last day of each month. (For months less than 31 days, your payment will be charged on the last calendar day for the month.)

How do I change my credit card information or my shipping address?

Please contact us by email and we will make the appropriate changes for you immediately.


My purchase arrived damaged, incomplete or it didn’t arrive at all - what do I do?

Oh no!! Things can (and will!) happen from time to time.  Contact us and our customer service team will get it taken care of right away!

How do I cancel my subscription?

We’ll be sorry to see you go, but we'll be glad to assist you in getting your subscription cancelled. Contact us and our customer service team will help get your subscription cancelled.
Please note, that even after you cancel your account, you will still receive any boxes that you have already paid for. Boxes are billed on the last day of each month.

My question wasn’t answered here, now what?

No problem! You can contact us by email or by phone to 855-4ACIGAR and someone will be happy to assist you!

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