The Evolution of Zig-Zag

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Everybody's got a story about the first time they rolled one up....this one happens to be mine.


First time I can remember rolling my own smoke, it was with this fast talking French Canadian dude from Toronto. He could roll the most perfect, incredible smokes you ever seen. He'd double up a couple orange Zig Zag's to make them longer - the damn things looked like pencils- then he put the paper filter on the end - trademark move that I use even to this day that always impresses fellow smokers. 


How he did it by hand boggled my mind - but he'd been rolling them for over twenty years or more- so he had it down to a science. He didn't use one himself - but handed me a rolling machine and told me to use it until I could get it down to roll by hand. 


After it was rolled up, he lit it and took a ten second drag. Holding it in for a minute - he said, "Oh- and one last thing - don't use shitty papers. There are a lot of them out there. Biggest mistake you can make and it ruins your smoke. My favorite are Zig Zag orange. You can find them just about anywhere."


And to this day - my go to papers are the oranges.


Since their beginning, Zig Zag's have come a long way with their growing line of papers, wraps, cones, cigarillos and tobacco. And all built from the original idea of their wood pulp papers that are a widely trusted name in rolling papers to this day.


Founded in 1855 by Maurice and Jacques Braunstein, Zig Zag introduced the process of interleaving rolling papers to the world and were awarded a gold medal at the Univeral Exposition in Paris.

In the 1950's, ZigZag was sol to a partnership of the Group Bullore and competitor JOB. Later in 2000, Zig Zag became part of Republic Technologies, which is still partially owned by Group Bollore.


Zig-Zag’s iconic branding has been around since its inception. Even if you don't smoke - you've seen the image of the guys face and likely recognize where it's from. But do you know who he is or why he's on there?

Legend has it that during the Crimean War, a light-infantry soldier of the French Army known to be a Zouave, was nearly struck by a bullet. Instead, his clay pipe was hit and broke in half. Being in the middle of a war with no access to another pipe, he got creative and ripped a piece of paper from his gunpowder bag and wrapped his tobacco with it. And that's how papers were born.

If you've never tried any of Zig Zag's quality products, the following are some of their top sellers you can find in most c-stores in every city.


Zig Zag Rillo Wraps Zig Zag Blueberry Wraps

Slow burning wraps bursting with the taste of blueberries, Zig Zag Blueberry Wraps are always consistent and a great taste, now available in "rillo-size".



Zig Zag Grape Rillo Wrap Zig Zag Grape Wraps

Consistent and slow burn wraps, Zig Zag Grape wraps are sure to please bursting with tangy and sweet grape flavor! Zig Zag is known to have one of the best grape flavor wraps on the market. Now both available in regular wraps and rillo-size.  


Straight Up

Zig Zag Straight Up Rillo Wraps Zig Zag Straight Up Wraps



Looking for natural tobacco taste without any added flavor? Zig Zag Wraps Straight Up are always consistent and burn slow.




Zig Zag Pink Rillo Wraps

Flavored with what can only be described as "pink", Zig Zag's Pink Rillo Wraps are one of the newest flavors to rise to the top sellers. 



Zig Zag Sweet Rillo Wraps

Packaged in an air tight resealable foil pouch for freshness, Zig Zag Sweet Wraps have the perfect amount of sweetness.


Strawberry and Vanilla wraps

Zig Zag Strawberry Zig Zag Vanilla

If you're looking for something different - both Zig Zag's Strawberry and Vanilla wraps are quality wraps for those that enjoy the taste of strawberries or vanilla. 


Orange Papers

Zig Zag Orange Papers

And last, but definitely not least, Zig Zag's classic orange papers. Iconic rolling papers made from premium ingredients!

Zig Zag has just about something for everyone to enjoy in their growing line of products. Skip the store and have delivered straight to your door at today!

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