7 Gas Station Cigar Influencers You Should Already Be Following

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There is something about smoking cigars that grabs ahold of us and unites us with the rest of the world. Sometimes you want to exude an attitude while smoking a cigar. Or other times there is cause to celebrate. There is nothing like slipping a nice stogie in between your fingers as you catch the whole mood.
Enjoying a gas station cigar has been a favorite past time of many. Whether you are a twenty-one-year-old trying out your first smokes or you are a seasoned smoker, you will agree that there is something unique about gas station cigars. They come in an abundance of brands flavors and strengths. Everyone from rappers to bikers will find what they are looking for. There's a cigar out there for every individual.

Check out the these 7 gas station cigar influencers that you should already be following! Just like cigars, there is an assortment of influencers listed here each representing their own robust to mild flavor. There is no particular order to these top 7 influencers. Find the one that fits your lifestyle and start following!


1. Northside Smokeshop

Now here are a couple of young guys that you will have fun laughing with as you listen to their reviews on YouTube. These guys call themselves “Funnyguy” and “Unicorn23.” There is certainly an authentic nature coming from these two. They do their filming in the woods of Northside Alabama. They've only covered a few cigars up until this point - but give them some time! Sometimes they film their videos in basements and unfinished buildings. Funnyguy has a very original southern accent. They are somewhat of a new channel and have a little under 500 subscribers.


2. Rick Ross

Rick Ross

Rapper Rick Ross is most recently known for his song Gold Roses. He collaborated last year in 2020 with Drake to create this song. The song was nominated for a Grammy Award. Rick Ross is known for his love of gas station brand cigars such as Swisher Sweets. He was quoted recently saying “If I’m not smoking my hemp VIBES, I’m smoking my Swisher Sweets.” In his music videos, Rick Ross swanks it up with beautiful women and luxury cars as he smoothly puffs on his Swisher Sweets. He has over two million subscribers on YouTube.


3. Cigar Titans

"Our passion resides in the cigar community we're building.  Our Titan Family has been incredibly supportive and interactive, and we're grateful for the time people invest in us, and our content.  Both of us, Cigar Titan and Brotha Stogie started this as a way to connect with others who shared our passion for cigars, spirits, and lifestyle.  Our brand is about connecting with others, from the beginners to the seasoned aficionados.  We look forward to growing this community, and putting out more content for everyone to enjoy!

These gentlemen share their experiences with you as they review gas station cigar brands such as Titan Phillies and Dutch Masters President. These guys call themselves Cigar Titan and Brotha Stogie. They bounce their thoughts and jokes back and forth as they review the cigars. Filming out of Southern California in a rustic bar setting, Cigar Titans always couple their cigar reviews with suggested drinks to suit each cigar brand. Entertaining to watch, for sure! They are gaining popularity and have around 2,500 subscribers.



4. NuHippyTV

Kick back and smoke one with YouTube’s NuHippyTV. NuHippy A.K.A. Bob Narley is an up-and-coming music artist that digs gas station cigars. He boasts about 6.4k subscribers and has a series of reviews of cigars such as Swisher Sweets, White Owl, Backwoods, and more. He mainly tends to gravitate towards the sweet & fruity flavors such as strawberry, watermelon, blue raspberry, and mango, but that doesn’t stop him from trying new things. During his reviews, he inspects whether or not the packaging will keep the cigars fresh, he checks the quality of the wrapper, feels the body firmness, describes the aroma, and details the taste. NuHippy plays a lot of his own musical beats in the background while giving each quality of the cigar a 1-10 rating. He is sure to always let his subscribers know that he appreciates them, and he also interacts with them in the comment section. NuHippy’s lingo is a bit mature, but he has a chill vibe and gives honest and clear reviews of many gas station brand cigars.


5. Travis Scott

Travis Scott

Jump into the game and follow the hottest hip-hop star, Travis Scott. Watch on Instagram as he revives the Backwoods cigar brand while rolling around in a massive ball pit with his superstar baby mama, Kylie Jenner. Backwoods cigars have been a long-time favorite in the hip-hop community dating back to the '70s. Travis has been known to buy boxes of Backwoods. Check him out, and you will see him posing in pictures toking on his Backwoods gas station cigars. His Instagram following is over thirty-six Million.


6. MamabearASMR

"My channel which I started in 2019 is a fun mix of ASMR and Fetish content. My goal is to not only entertain you but hopefully relax you. I would like to be a distraction from your anxieties and every day worries."

Are you tired of listening to guys with loud voices? Try listening to MamabearASMR. She quietly whispers her love of gas station cigars in your ear during her YouTube videos. If you haven’t heard of this type of video, she’s a must-see and hear! The whispering is meant to stimulate the senses in your brain. Her reviews are more of an experience than a review as you watch her smoke and listen to her whisper. If you are interested, she will do custom videos for a fee upon request. With almost 9,000 subscribers she is quickly gaining popularity with her whisper reviews.


7. Graham Kilpatrick

Head over to YouTube and check out Graham Kilpatrick’s channel of the same name. This easy to listen to cigar aficionado hangs out on his porch surrounded by his adopted cats, on 10 acres of land. Graham is a straight shooter that truly knows his stuff. He doesn’t have a massive following yet, however, he has posted an impressive 93 videos in the past year, demonstrating his passion for cigars. Graham reviews all types of cigars, and he does not shy away from discussing inexpensive gas station cigars such as White Owl, Antonio Y Cleopatra, and more. He’s quick to review them with extreme detail and fairness and enjoys smoking them with a glass of scotch or bourbon. He evaluates the size of the cigar, the burn level, the smoke output, and he describes the intricate flavors. He sometimes stores his cigars in a humidor for several months to firm up the cigar’s body and release its flavor. Graham Kilpatrick’s sharp expertise and no-nonsense style will definitely make him a serious influencer in the cigar community.


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