The Top 20 Cigars of 2020 (so far!)

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As the midway point of 2020 approaches, we wanted to take a minute out of the craziness of it all and talk about something different. Fourth of July is likely2020 going to be different this year and those summer plans may not be what you thought they would be - but all in all - that doesn't mean we can't still celebrate! 
While production is still at a standstill in the Dominican Republic, sales have continued to stay stable for cigars through mid-June, but will soon be affected due to availability in the market.  Between production issues and pending legislation, along with the possibility of a hurricane and this year being an election year, the landscape of the future of cigars is yet to be seen. Whether at your local convenience store, online, or at the wholesale level, sales of many cigars will soon change based upon how things go in South America due to restrictions and at the mercy of legislators from federal all the way down to the local level.
Despite the hurdles, we've compiled our top twenty mass-market cigar list based upon sales compiled from a cross-section of wholesalers and retailers across the country. So - while these numbers may not be directly from MSAi, it's an accurate representation of what's selling out there the best. 
And of course, if you've never read our blog before, you won't find any premiums on this list. But don't let that fool you - even the lowest on this list crushes top selling premium cigar sales by far. 
So, whether your celebrating this month, or just need to take a smoke break, we've compiled the top 20 selling mass-market cigars so far this year according to sales data* that you should still be able to find on store shelves to get you through the second half of this crazy year we're having. 

Optimo Silver

Made from carefully blended 100% natural filler tobaccos and wrapped in a natural leaf wrapper, Swisher Sweets Optimo Silver delivers a rich taste and mellow aroma of premium tobacco. 

White Owl Green Sweets

White Owl Green Sweet

 Made from Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed tobacco and all-tobacco Indonesian wrapper, White Owl Green Sweet gives you a mild smoke with the taste of sweet green candela.

White Owl Silver

Made from Carribbean Basin Cuban seed tobacco and an all-tobacco, Indonesian wrapper, White Owl Silver gives you a mild smoke with no flavor added. 

White Owl Sweets

White Owl Red Sweet
Carribbean Basin Cuban seed tobacco and an all-tobacco, Indonesian wrapper, White Owl Red gives you a mild but sweet flavor.  

Game Green

Game Green
One of the hardest to find cigars on the market today, Garcia y Vega's Game Green Sweet Cigarillos are known for their selected green leaf tobacco. Crisp green candela flavor with a slow burn.  

Game Diamond

Game Diamond

 Natural light-leaf wrapped for a milder smoke, Game Diamond is touched with a hint of sugar and vanilla.

Game Silver

Game Silver

Garcia y Vega's Game Silver cigarillos are known for their hand selected leaf wrapper. Quality tobacco flavor without the need for anything else.

Dutch Masters Honey Fusion

The only Dutch Masters to make the list, Dutch Masters Honey Fusion delivers a great smoke that only Dutch Masters can. Made with the taste of golden clover honey and creamy cigar tobacco.  

Backwoods Honey

Backwoods Honey
Made with a blend of natural and homogenized tobaccos, Backwoods Honey Cigarillos are infused with the taste of sweet honey.   

Backwoods Honey Berry

Backwoods Honey Berry
Backwoods Honey Berry Pack - high on the flavor profile - infused with the taste of honey and berry flavors.

Backwoods Honey Bourbon

Backwoods Honey Bourbon
Made with a blend of natural and homogenized tobaccos, Backwoods Honey Bourbon Pack is infused with sweet honey and barrel-aged bourbon.

Backwoods Russian Cream

Wrapped in an all-natural Connecticut broadleaf, Backwoods Russian Cream cigars are filled with 100% natural tobaccos and blended with a smooth taste of vodka and fresh cream combined with dark coffee.  All Backwoods are wrapped in the rustic, frayed end. Arguably, the top selling Russian Cream cigar on the market.

Swisher Sweets Perfecto

Made from their classic blend of high quality tobacco, Swisher Sweets Perfecto cigars are perfecto shaped with a thick middle body and tapered end. Available in both box and pack.   

Swisher Sweets BLK Smooth

Swisher Sweets BLK Smooth is made from a blend of pipe tobacco and combined with a creamy, smooth flavor, finished with a sleek black tip. Available in both box and pouch. Smooth seems to outsell all other cigars in the BLK line three to one.

Swisher Sweets Diamond

Made from a unique mix of tobaccos from various regions, Swisher Sweets Diamond is pure tobacco taste and just a hint of natural sweetness.  Known to be the second best selling cigar worldwide - only second to the original Swisher Sweets Sweet. 

Swisher Sweets Sweet

Classic Swisher Sweets are a mild, sweet smoke with a pleasant aroma made from a unique mix of tobaccos from various regions.  The top selling cigar worldwide.  

Black and Mild Select

Black and Mild Select Pack

Formerly called "Mild", Black and Mild Select cigarillos are made with the delicious Middleton pipe tobacco, giving you a milder, sweet-smelling Black and Mild smoke.

Black and Mild Wine

Black and Mild Wine
Made from Black Cavendish and Golden Virginia tobacco's and infused with delicious red wine, Black and Mild Wine delivers arguably the best selling wine cigar on the market. 

Black and Mild Jazz

Black and Mild Jazz
One of the newest flavors to top the best sellers list, Black and Mild Jazz has steadily climbed to the top since its inception. Black Cavendish and Virginia pipe tobaccos touched with a hint of their proprietary flavor blend, giving you a unique, sweet smoke. Available in singles and packs. 

Black and Mild Original

Black and Mild Original Pack
Sure to please just about any cigar enthusiast - Black and Mild has been a top-selling cigar since the day it hit the market! Made from a blend of fine Virginia tobacco. Between singles and packs, Black and Mild Original tops our list of sales per stick here in the US.

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*Sales data compiled from select group of wholesalers and retailers in the US.  

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