Top 20 Cigars of 2020!

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It’s official, one of the craziest years in our recent history has concluded. The Pandemic struck first. Local stores struggled to keep their cigar inventory stocked. Then came the weather. We reached a record of 31 named storms including 6 major hurricanes. Making 2020 one of the worst years for storms to date.

2020 is finally over! Good riddance. It wasn’t all bad, though. For a minute there, things were looking rough. Folks were having a hard time finding their favorite smokes on the shelves at their local haunts. Shops were closed, factories were shut down, and the whole world went crazy. Luckily, we had plenty of stock and were able to continue to fulfill orders throughout those uncertain times. With our resources here at, we were able to get even the hardest-to-find cigars for valued customers like you!

As we ring in a new year, let’s wrap up 2020 with its top 20 cigars!

We’re following up on The Top 20 Cigars of 2020 (so far!) post which featured 2020's top-selling cigars from January-June 2020. It comes as no surprise that the top 2020 cigars have changed quite significantly in the second half of the year.

1. Game Green Sweet

Get into the game! Headlining with the number 1 spot Game Green Sweet won its place fair and square as our number 1 top-selling cigar in 2020. Rising from its 5th place spot in the January- June top 20 of 2020, Game Green Sweet took the win because of its deep flavor and super smooth draw. This Garcia Y Vega cigar displays its traditional natural green leaf wrapper, a trademark of the original Vegas.

2. Game Red Sweet

Coming in right behind Green Sweet at number 2 Game Red Sweet is another great Garcia Y Vega cigarillo. These babies are known for being very mild, making them easy to smoke. The wrapper is all-natural and offers a sweet aroma.



3. Game Pineapple

As you can see, Game absolutely has game! Game Pineapple has a hint of that island paradise tropical taste. They are machine-rolled with natural tobacco leaves. These cigars are manufactured in the Dominican Republic. Exceptionally smooth draw and pleasant smoke.

4. Game Blue

Garcia & Vega really knew what they were doing when they created the Game flavored cigarillos back in 2007. As you can see, Game is absolutely the top favorite of 2020. I highly recommend picking up a pack of flavored Game cigarillos and enjoying a refreshing puff as you pass the time.

5. Game White Grape

If you're working and want to take a quick break, relax, and find that quiet space. Take a load off and catch a smoke with the ever-so-convenient Garcia Vega cigarillos. They are light enough for a quick smoke and bold enough to give you a zip as you draw in their delicious white grape flavor.

6. Swisher Sweets Diamond

Perhaps you want to go back to the basics for this afternoon’s smoke. If you are craving that good old natural tasting tobacco with no flavors, fire up a good old Swisher Sweets Diamond cigarillo. These trusty cigars' rich taste and mild, smooth style make them widely sought after!

7. Dutch Masters Palma

Rolling in at number 7 are the classic Dutch Masters Palma cigars. These mild, machine-made smokes are in high demand. They are packed with high quality, Caribbean Cuban tobacco seeds. Your craving will surely be satisfied with these popular gars.

8. Game Silver

Relax and puff on a natural, mellow Game Silver cigar. These quality stogies utilize an authentic, natural tobacco leaf wrapper with a Cuban seed filler. They are foil wrapped and guaranteed to be nice and fresh. Grab a big box of them and you will see why they are a hot item!

9. Game Mango

Satiate your palate with the delectable fruity flavor of a Game Mango cigar. The even burn on these sticks allows a nice smoke output so you can appreciate the tropical aroma while blowing some smoke rings. It's no wonder why these cigars are so well liked.

10. Game White Peach

People can’t get enough of the Game flavored cigarillos. Each one reels you in with an aroma you can practically dine on. Breathe in their assorted scents and watch as the natural leaf burns just right, leaving you satisfied every time.

11. Good Times #HD Kash

Looking for that great priced cigar with an extra slow burn? Look no further than the #HD Kash. These are fantastic cigars with natural premium fine cut leaf wrappers – ready to burn nice and slow for you every time.

12. Game Diamond

This bad boy creeps in at #12. As you may notice, it fell here from June when it was holding on at number 6. Still a delicious smoke, Game diamond maintains its spot in our top 20 cigars.

13. Swisher Sweets Mini Cigarillo – 3 for 2 Sweet

Notice the sweet aromatics that flow through this cigar as you smoke the perfect minis. Get the quick smoke of your swisher sweets mini in 10-15 minutes. Enjoy your fantastic, sweet treat!

14. Swisher Sweets Grape

Swisher Sweet Grape

Take yourself back to your younger days and grab a pack of Swisher Sweets Grape. Open the package and you will find yourself taken back in time as the smell of grape enlivens your taste buds and olfactory senses. Incredible grape taste and wrapped with the traditional Swisher Sweets tobacco is sure to make you feel young at heart!

15. Swisher Sweets Sweet

These fine, classic cigars were first introduced in the United States in 1958. Their headquarters remain in the US in Jacksonville, Florida. Swisher Sweets have come a long way and are now the top selling cigars worldwide.

16. Swisher Sweets Mini Diamond

Soaring in at number 16, the Swisher Sweets Diamond is certainly a gem. Delivering a strong rugged flavor, a little rough around the edges, but absolutely worth it. If you are in search of a strong classic cigar, this is exactly what you’re looking for. These minis are enough to satisfy the need for a quick smoke.

17. Swisher BLK Smooth

Don't have time to smoke a full cigar? Check out Swisher's BLK Smooth to satisfy! Made from fire-cured pipe tobacco with their sleek black tip - and smooth and creamy sweet flavor - BLK Smooth rounds out Swisher's BLK line and a  great anytime cigar. 

18. Backwoods Sweet Pack

This famous cigar is known for its all-natural tobacco and sweet aromatic syrupy scent. The smell will entice you to come back for another draw. Backwoods Sweet is a very moist cigar. It comes in the perfect cigar size and the package displays the true size on its cover. Backwoods Sweet is a mellow cigar - easy to enjoy and will not leave you disappointed.

19. Dutch Masters Honey Fusion

Dutch Masters is another classic cigar. They were brilliant when they created the honey infused cigarillos! When you experience the first draw you will notice that the same smooth creamy tobacco flavor that we all know, and love has been amplified with the rich taste of honey.

20. Swisher Sweets BLK Grape

Closing out at number 20 Swisher Sweets BLK Grape is last but certainly not least! This cigarillo delivers you with fine pipe tobacco. The sweet taste and scent of grapes fills the air when these burn. If you have not tried these yet, you will be in for a treat with your first draw.


2020 was certainly an unusual year and a difficult one for many. Increased stress in our lives was reflected in cigar sales as people looked for ways to relax. However, there were some challenges in the cigar industry as well. Hurricanes, manufacturer slowdowns, and closures made an enormous impact on availability and distribution this year. Cigar smokers were faced with more limited choices at times, prompting them to explore new flavors and brands. So do understand that the above list is our list - meaning - that's according to our numbers - but is not indicative of sales overall. There are many brands that were out of stock on the shelves that we were able to supply - and greatly affected some of our data. Some of the classic brands of gas station cigars remained top sellers nationwide despite everything. But when you can't find what you want on the shelves - you sometimes choose an alternative - leading to some crazy end of the year statistics. Thankfully, most manufacturers seem to be getting back on track with their product line-ups as we slowly adapt to the after-effects of the pandemic.  


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