The Top Swisher Sweets Flavors of the Year

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Anyone who's read this post in the past knows how much we admire the Swisher Sweets cigar brand. As one of the most popular brands of cigars on the planet, Swisher continues to be an innovator in cigar production since their introduction in 1958.Swisher Sweets Logo Known for their use of quality tobaccos, array of flavors using unique flavorings to suit just about anyone's taste, you can find Swisher cigarillos sold at affordable pricing in stores and online world-wide. In 2019, Swisher's Original (Sweet) and Diamond were the #1 and #2 in the United States as well as some of the world's top cigars. According to sales data collected from MSAi, sales eclipsed the next five best-selling cigars combined. (This figure may not be accurate as of August 2021, due to Covid production issues.)

Based in Jacksonville, Florida Swisher International has manufactured quality tobacco products since 1861 when David Swisher, a merchant out of Newark, Ohio, received a small cigar business in settlement of a debt. He and his sons began to sell cigars from their wagons.  Swisher's brands include Swisher Sweets, Drew Estate, ACID, Optimo, Kayak and King Edward. Swisher Sweets products are sold in the following categories of various ring gauges: Classics, Encore Edition, Limited Edition, Mini cigarillos, BLK, Little Cigars, Coronella, Outlaws, Tip Cigarillo, Blunts, Kings, Slims, Wood Tip, Giants, Perfecto - and now Leaf wraps. 

The following list are the top selling Swisher Sweet flavors (in 2019). 

Update 8/15/21 - Among all machine-made cigar manufacturers, Swisher seems to be having the biggest issues due to Covid. Manufactured in the Dominican Republic, logistic issues in production, as well as getting product to wholesalers and retailers has been seriously delayed. Swisher has put more emphasis in catching up with their biggest sellers and have put most of the flavors that they are noted for on the back-burner. It is recommended if you have a favorite Swisher flavor that you can't seem to find anywhere lately - you may want to find an alternative. And ever since the FDA has threatened to ban flavored tobacco products- Swisher seems to be shifting focus on alternate tobacco products such as nicotine pouches, papers and other areas of tobacco alternatives.


1. Blueberry - Classic Swisher flavored with the taste of juicy, plump blueberries! Swisher Sweet Blueberry

2. Grape - Another Classic flavor, Swisher's Grape has been noted as one of the top grape flavored cigars on the market.

Swisher Sweet Grape

3. Green Sweet - Classic Green Sweet has a lightly-sweetened cap to add the perfect amount of sweetness to the mellow-bodied, natural leaf cigar.

Swisher Sweet Green Sweet

4. Strawberry - Classic Strawberry has been noted as one of the best strawberry flavored cigars anywhere - combining the sweetness of delicious sweet strawberry and adding just the right amount of tart. 

Update 8/15/21- we haven't seen Swisher Strawberry in months due to production issues. 

Swisher Sweet Strawberry

5. Tropical Fusion - Newest to the Classic category, Tropical Fusion combines tropical fruit flavors and berry flavors to create a refreshing blend. 

Update: 8/15/21 - Tropical Fusion has been out of stock for months due to Covid issues. We don't anticipate seeing it in stock for the remainder of this year.

Swisher Sweet Tropical Fusion

6. Wild Rush - The only Limited Edition flavor to make the list, Wild Rush blends the flavors of sweet fruit and watermelon to make one of Swisher's newest top selling flavors. 

Update: 8/15/21 - Wild Rush has been out of stock for months due to production issues caused by Covid. We don't anticipate seeing it in stock for the remainder of this year - or possibly through the first quarter of 2022.

Swisher Sweet Wild Rush

7. BLK Cherry - Different from it's classic cigarillo counterpart, Swisher BLK Cherry combines pipe tobacco with the sweet taste of cherries - and finished with a black tip for a smooth smoke.

Swisher Sweet BLK Cherry

8. BLK Smooth - Another cigar from their BLK line, Swisher BLK Smooth combines pipe tobaccos and flavor to make a creamy and smooth mellow smoke - and a black tip for an ultra smooth smoking experience.  

Swisher Sweet BLK Smooth

9. Diamond - Sometimes described as the "unsweet Swisher" - Swisher Diamond is the same great cigar as Original, just without the sweet taste. Ranked the #2 selling cigar in the US.

Swisher Sweet Diamond

10. Original (Sweet) - The Original Swisher Sweet, introduced in 1958, is an exceptionally even-burning cigar that combines the perfect amount of sweet to give the cigar smoker a mild-bodied smoke. Ranked the #1 selling cigar in the US- outselling most premium cigars sales combined!

Swisher Sweet Original

Whatever your flavor, you can't deny that Swisher Sweets has it's "finger on the pulse" with its huge variety of flavors. Many cigar manufacturer's make attempts to replicate Swisher's classic tastes, but in the end - no one can match the classic taste of a Swisher. 

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  • Could you guys please make the Swisher Sweets in menthol I would appreciate it.

    Margaret on
  • Cannot find blk smooth anywhere ive been smoking them for about 5years they are my prefered smoke

    Kenneth Wayne Friddle on
  • Is there a shortage going on? Can I order direct? Chocolate, honey and Blueberry?

    Becki on
  • Do u guys have cherry tip cigarillos in a five pack

    Larry Doble on
  • Chocolate Swishers are my new favorite.
    I just ordered a box from florida.

    Rodney on

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