The History of Backwoods Cigars in 5 Minutes or Less

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If you were born in the fifties and sixties, you probably can remember a time when tobacco was heavily advertised on television and radio.


It wasn’t until 1970 that President Nixon made the push to regulate cigarette advertising in an effort to inform the public about the dangers of smoking.  


In response, tobacco manufacturers worked to find a way around the regulation and introduced "little cigars" to the market, so that it complied with the regulation put in place against cigarettes. 

And that's when Backwoods, the undisputed champ of blunt wraps, was introduced to the market with a heavy advertising campaign that claimed their manly smokes were for those that liked it both "wild and mild" - with images of guys mountain climbing and other outdoor activities that brought along their Backwoods with them so they can enjoy a puff. 


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Backwoods have come a long way since the 70's. Not really sure on how many rock climbers smoke them nowadays - but the data shows there's a ton of people who do. 

Today, Backwoods has earned its place as the most popular wrap of choice - prompting multiple cigar manufacturers to come up with their own versions of the natural leaf wrapped cigar.

Between the years of 1995 and 2005, Backwoods became very popular with the hip hop community. The East coast and West coast had never agreed on blunt choice. The East always favored Dutch, White Owl and Phillies, while the West coast predominantly smoked Swisher Sweets.

But the South's influence on hip-hop over the last couple of decades have brought Backwoods to the masses and has since become the blunt of choice throughout the country. 

Several rappers have mentioned Backwoods in their songs – such as Drake's "Hotline Bling" and Notorious B.I.G.'s "Long Kiss Goodnight" You may remember the rapper Mac Dre who told the world  'You can take your Swisher Sweet to the face / I'mma go get me a Backwood and roll me an eighth,' - and there are dozens more rappers that acknowledge the popular cigars in their lyrics

There's even a YouTube video series called "Rolling a Backwoods" that features famous rappers and musicians doing an interview while rolling their favorite Backwoods.


Nowadays, you can find thousands of people online showcasing their Backwoods rolling expertise. Whether they use the standard flavors like Honey Berry or Russian Cream that are available here in the US or rolling in a rare Backwoods flavor that has since been banned here in the US (see poll below), photo's of stuffed rare Backwoods  are all over the web and receive much attention when posted. 

Owned and manufactured by Altadis USA, Backwoods cigars have an inner and outer leaf that bind the filler tobacco. The inner leaf is produced in the Dominican Republic - while the outer broadleaf wrapper is produced in Fort Lauderdale, FL. These leaves are attractive to smokers since they don't have to "cut and gut" a cigarillo to roll - they simply unravel the natural leaf wrapper and empty the contents of the cigar. 2019 saw a shortage in these leaves, as many cigar manufacturers jumped on the natural leaf bandwagon and created new cigars to introduce to the market in an attempt to take market share. Major storms also hit areas where these leaves are produced, leaving a shortage in the market to produce enough to meet demand. Backwoods Russian Cream was so in demand that people were paying three to four times their worth for them. lists the following flavors of Backwoods, ranked most popular to least. 

Russian Cream

Vanilla *

Grape *


Honey Bourbon

Honey Berry

Banana * 

Cherry *

Sweet Aromatic

Dark Stout

Rum *

Bourbon Whiskey

Ice Wine *

Buttered Rum *

Whiskey *

Wild Rum *

Black N Gold *

Wine *

White Rum *

Port *

Black N Sweet

Original Mild N Natural * 

Original Mild N Wild


* - not available on the US market.


Backwoods are available in packs of 5, packs of 3 and in single packs. All come in a convenient fresh pouch to keep them fresh until you're ready to smoke them. You can find them at any local convenience store or smoke shop in your area.


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