The Best C-Store Cigars to Get You Into the Fall Season

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It's that time of the year again! Fall is here and already starting to bring cooler nights already - replacing a very hot summer for just about everyone and moving toward winter's cold. 

Sweaters and scarves replace tank tops and bathing suits as the leaves turn into a canvas of color from it's former shades of green. The crisp fall air filled with the Fall leavesscents of cinnamon, apple, and caramel. And who could forget - pumpkin spice is everywhere! It's the intro to the holiday season - spending time with family and friends. 

When it comes to cigars, traditional fall flavors don't tend to do well in the market. Imagine riding around with your friend and he busts out some of that pumpkin spice - or maybe a rolling up some apple cinnamon to bring out to the party. We're thankful the manufacturers don't put some fall flavors out there on the market. They can either be really good - or absolutely horrible!

However, there are several excellent fall flavors on the market you can check out! This week - we bring you some of the best flavors reviewed by our readers that you can find to help get you in the spirit of fall!!!

We'll start with what may be the "essential" fall cigar line - which is hands down, Backwoods. When we evaluated each line of cigars and picked out what might fit into "fall" - it was apparent that Backwoods full line seems to feel "fall-ish". From the Original Wild and Mild to Russian Cream, Dark Stout and Honey Bourbon - along with the frayed-end, rustic look - Backwoods feels like outdoors in the fall. 

                                Backwoods Russian CreamBackwoods Honey Bourbon 3 pack

Good Times has a few flavors that bring the fall with Pomegranate and Cognac. Their 4 Kings line has a ton of flavors, but the only one our readers found that said "fall" was Cranberry Apple. But of course, Good Times Sweet Woods line has a few goodies to try if you want the natural leaf, frayed-end type of cigar. Golden Honey, Russian Cream, Cognac and Rum River seem to fit the season. 

        4 Kings Cranberry Apple  Good Times #HD Cognac              Good Times Sweet Woods Rum River

I can say that for me - the smell of Black and Mild's do bring me back to the fall - the smell wafting through the air on cool fall nights back in Alabama. For the most part - our reviewers say most of the Middleton line would work - but in particular - we might suggest Apple and P.A. Cherry Vanilla or Soft Vanilla. But if you can't find these on the shelf - most any Black and Mild will do. 

                               Black and Mild Apple  Black and Mild Prince Albert Cherry Vanilla


White Owl's fall selection was pretty sparse until recently, as they've added several new flavors to their offering over the last year or so. Honey-Bourbon always feels like fall to me for some reason - along with their other flavors like Vanilla, their Duo of Berries and Cream, White Russian and their newest - White Chocolate. (Might be more of a winter flavor to try - but we'll just say it's a good one for the whole holiday season!) 

                                         White Owl Honey Bourbon                White Owl White Chocolate


Swisher's list of flavors is pretty small - mainly because most flavors that would meet the list were limited-time cigars they put out there and haven't produced ever-since. You'd be lucky to find a Sweet Cream on the market these days - which was a great seller - but then again if you do - you may consider how long that thing has been sitting on the shelf! Of course, the Coronavirus has played a huge part in this - but nonetheless - Swisher's list is short - but relevant! Sticky Sweet's blend of caramel and peach and Swisher BLK Cherry made the list - along with straight-up Swisher Sweet Regular. They nailed it on the head with this flavor, which seems to fit the flavor profile year round - making it the top selling cigar in the world. Its this reason that Swisher is concentrating production efforts on their two best sellers (regular and Diamond) for the time being and will roll out flavors again as things improve. If you can find them - Swisher Leaf Honey or Original are a great choice, as well. 

       Swisher Sweets Sticky SweetSwisher Sweets Sweet CreamSwisher BLK Cherry

And a few more to mention that our readers submitted - Dutch Masters Honey or Java are great for a fall morning. Optimo's are tough to find out there nowadays - so check the date on a Cream cigar if you find any. Pom Pom's are hard to find, as well - but Glazed and Slow Glow are great. Show's line has a Black Cherry as does Game and Game Leaf's version - as well as their White Russian. And if you're in the mood - Jackpot's Cognac or Garcia Vega 1882's Bourbon will help get you in the "spirit"! 

      Dutch Masters Honey Fusion     Show Black Cherry                   Game Leaf White Russian     Garcia Vega 1882 Bourbon


Whatever you choose to get you in the spirit of the season - if you can't find it on the shelves - check out the selection online at! Use coupon code FALL5 and receive $5.00 off your purchase of two or more items - and free shipping!

And as always, please smoke responsibly! 


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