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November's here!! Halloween's a wrap - and the holiday season has officially kicked off. Time to wind down this bizarre year and spend some quality time with our loved ones.

So who's ready to gorge on some yummy Thanksgiving food?! Don't tell me you

Thanksgiving celebration

haven't thought about pumpkin pie or some buttery mashed potatoes recently - this is the time of the year to make sure you have the right folks in charge of the right dishes this year! Please be sure everyone knows and understands their role!  


So, let's go through the list of Thanksgiving essentials. Invitations to friends and family, check. Perfectly cooked turkey, check. Delicious sides and at least three options on desert, check.  Stretchy sweatpants, check. The right cigars, check.

Cigars??? Yes, you heard it correctly, the right cigars.

There's nothing better than having an indulgent meal, followed by a tasty, relaxing cigar. Eating and smoking go together hand in hand like....well....turkey and gravy!

Not sure which route to take for a Thanksgiving smoke? You can never go wrong with your favorites - but if you want to change things up and try something to compliment your meal this year - then we have some suggestions! This week, we're pairing your favorite Thanksgiving dishes with our favorite gas station cigars to give you the perfect finish to your Thanksgiving Day! 



Unquestionably- the main attraction. Front-row and center - spotlight is on when it

comes to Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey commands the attention of the nose and taste buds of everyone invited to dinner with its dark and rich flavors.

Now, if the first thing that came to your mind was - "Hmm, who makes a gravy flavored cigar?" - then I'll simply say - 

That's disgusting... and please don't ever ask that again.  

To compliment the flavor of such a bird -  you need to choose something that can add to the spices and flavoring - not mask it. And no matter if the chef is using more of onion or garlic, or rosemary or sage - a fruit flavored cigar is a great finish to the tasty bird. 

Now, there are several cigars that come to mind to pair here - but the problem is - most of them are completely out of stock or were limited editions. Swisher's Lemon Ice would have been a nice refreshing touch. 4 Kings Cranberry Apple would have fit perfectly - but we can't seem to find them on the shelves anywhere. 

Black and Mild P.A. Cherry Vanilla


Nonetheless - Black and Mild's P.A. Cherry Vanilla is a great finish - the cherry flavor is smoothed out by the vanilla - and combined with Middleton's premium pipe tobacco blend - you have a great cigar to finish your Thanksgiving turkey!



Stuffing, dressing, whatever you want to call it, it's a crowd-pleaser. Let's face it - it's kind of the essential dish for Thanksgiving. You can sit down to a plate of turkey, mashed potatoes and green beans any time of the year - but add stuffing - and now it's Thanksgiving!

Whether stuffed inside the turkey, or used as a side dish, stuffing's prominent flavors of sage, celery, and onion sublimely blended with textured bread and buttery broth combine perfectly when finished with a mint cigar.

Dutch Masters Mint Fusion

There are plenty of mint cigars on the market - some are too strong and some are too light - but Dutch Master's Mint Fusion works perfectly to bring a minty finish to such a savory dish with rosemary and thyme.  


Mashed Potatoes

Who doesn't love a hefty carb overload now and then? You'll undoubtedly achieve one on Thanksgiving with a whipped, buttery pile of mashed potatoes. Simple, yet insatiable, and pairs well with nearly 90% the food on your plate.

Mashed Potatoes

The big question is - instant or real??  The convenience of instant - but the authenticity of real - makes it difficult to decide when preparing the menu for the Thanksgiving meal. My only suggestion is - if you have food critics in the family - then I'd get to peeling! 

So, what cigar pairs well with mashed potatoes and butter? Well, Paula Deen would argue just about everything pairs well with butter. But as far as cigars go - we decided to play off the creamy texture and went with White Owl's newest on the market, White Chocolate. The white chocolate flavor works well with the butter and

White Owl White Chocolate

creaminess of the potatoes so well that - we even found a recipe online for White Chocolate Mashed Potatoes! Something to try if you want to put something different on your plate this year!



Green Bean Casserole

On paper, green bean casserole doesn't sound super appealing. That said, it's so delicious that people who aren't ordinarily green bean fanatics will dig right into this dish. Its multi-layered flavors of green beans, French's onion crisps (do not substitute on these, trust me!!), and cream of mushroom soup make for a well-rounded side dish of comfort.

For this side dish, we went with the obvious and chose two - Black and Mild's Wood Tip Wine and Swisher BLK's Wine.

                                Black and Mild Wood Tip Wine  Swisher BLK Wine

Which one to choose? Depends on your preference in red wine. For those who like a fuller bodied taste - try Black and Mild- we chose the wood-tip for that extra flavor - but a regular one would do. And for those looking for a lighter wine taste - check out Swisher's sleek, black-tipped BLK. Both are a great finish to most any comfort meal. 


Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry sauce is one of the more polarizing Thanksgiving dishes; you either love it

Cranberry Sauce

or hate it. If you're a cranberry sauce lover, then you've grown to appreciate its tart, bold flavor that lacks the element of sweetness - and you most likely want it straight from a can! No need fancying it up with a bunch of stuff making it like a fruit salad!

Cranberry sauce complements the taste of apples with its tartness, which is why we chose Zig Zag Apple or Black and Mild Apple.

Zig Zag Apple Wraps
Black and Mild Apple
Zig Zag's version gives you a more crisp, sweet flavor while Black and Mild's Apple gives you a deeper apple flavor combined  with their unique blend of pipe tobacco. 


Yams/Sweet Potatoes

Yams certainly bring a unique flavor to the table. They're similar in texture to those yummy mashed potatoes but add a nutty flavor with a subtle, natural sweetness.  

Our house enjoys sweet potatoes just like our mashed potatoes. Butter, salt, pepper and sour cream. But we're not the norm. Since the 1600's, most households enjoy their yams sweet and candied - almost like a pre-desert side dish.

Making candied yams adds a crunchy texture with a sugary sweet sensation that brings out the yams' natural sweetness. If you bake them, they soften to the point where they almost melt in your mouth, and they intensify from the prolonged heat. No matter which way you prepare yams, they remain consistent with their sweet yet practically savory flavor. 


We didn't have to look very far for this one - and while it's a filtered cigar - Djarum's Black with it's distinct clove flavor - is unquestionably the perfect finish to candied yams - or even the whole meal, for that matter. If there was a "Thanksgiving cigar" flavor - Djarum Black would most likely be somewhere at the top of the list. 


Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

And last, but certainly not least, pumpkin pie for dessert. After all, you can't talk about Thanksgiving without bringing up pumpkin pie. Its savory, flaky crust with creamy pumpkin, light whipped cream, and blended flavors of nutmeg, brown sugar, cinnamon, and cloves always steal the show. This pie's smooth texture and marriage of flavors scream fall.

Remember our recent post about pairing a cigar with Pumking, a popular pumpkin-flavored beer? If you do, then you'll already know the answer to this one! 

For starters, Black and Mild's Prince Albert Soft Vanilla - mixes perfectly with pumpkin spice flavor like french vanilla ice cream on warm pumpkin pie.  Looking for something a little more indulgent? Try Backwoods Russian Cream. Kahlua, chocolate and cream mixed with the nutty flavor of pumpkin and vanilla are pretty intense. You say you're not a coffee fan? Then Dutch Masters Chocolate will finish off the pumpkin spice to anyone's liking.


             Prince Albert Soft Vanilla Backwoods Russian Cream  Dutch Masters Chocolate

These are just a few cigars available in most markets to get you ready for Thanksgiving!
If you can't find what you're looking for - check out the selection at and have them sent straight to your door!
Use coupon code THANKS2020  and receive $5.00 off your purchase of two or more items!
We hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!

- Written by Alexis B. and Heath Nichols

Alexis is a certified goofball specializing in all things comedy. Alexis founded the Corona Comedy Blog, a satirical website, to get people through the trying times of the coronavirus. Check out her blog at


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