The Best Fall Beer and C-Store Cigar Pairings to Celebrate Fall 2021!

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Fall is in full swing, and Halloween is right around the corner! Our last C-store News Article showcased all the fantastic C-store cigars to get you in the fall spirit.

Another delightful aspect of the fall season is the variety of delicious fall beers on the market. 

It’s no secret that smoking and drinking make an impeccable combination. Did you know that many fall beers pair swimmingly with some of our C-store cigars? If not, that’s ok. Let us be your guide!

This week, we’ll recommend pairings of the most popular fall beers of the season with some of our best C-store cigars.


Southern Tier Pumking Imperial Ale

Pumking is a classic and one of the best routes to go for pumpkin lovers. Its flavor blends pumpkin and pumpkin pie spices, vanilla, and roasted pecans with fermentation elements of ale yeast and two hops types. This marriage of aromas creates a moderately bitter, pumpkin spice ale taste.

This IPA has an ABV of 8.6%, which especially creates a craving for a smoke. So based on the iconic Pumking flavor, we recommend a few. For starters, Black and Mild's Prince Albert Soft Vanilla. A lot of people don't know about Prince Albert vanilla - mixes perfectly with pumpkin spice flavor like ice cream on warm pumpkin pie.  Or if you're in the mood for something a little more indulgent - try Backwoods Russian Cream. Kahlua, chocolate and cream mixed with the nutty flavor of pecans and vanilla are pretty intense. If you're not a coffee fan, Dutch Masters Chocolate will finish off the pumpkin spice to anyone's liking.

 PA Soft Vanilla uprightsBackwoods Russian CreamDutch Masters Chocolate

Bell’s Best Brown Ale

Bell’s Best Brown Ale brings a taste that complements the cooler weather in a sublime fashion. This beer is an excellent option for those seeking a compromise between a lighter ale and a heavier ale, like a robust stout or porter. Bell’s Best Brown Ale goes down smoothly with its subtle cocoa and caramel flavorings.

There are a couple of different options for C-store cigar pairings with Bell's trademark cocoa and caramel aroma and smooth texture. We start by pairing with a City Life's Mixed Berry - this Good Time's gem lightens up the heavy and robust flavor of the ale and adds another layer with it's delicious berry taste. More of a chocolate lover? Try White Owl's newest - White Chocolate. Sure to be a hit over the holidays - if they can keep it in stock. The rich chocolate and white chocolate combination compliment the cocoa and caramel perfectly to give you a smooth and tasty smoke.

                  City Life Mixed Berry         White Owl White Chocolate


Great Lakes Brewery Oktoberfest

Great Lakes Brewery Oktoberfest screams fall beer; it has “Oktoberfest” in its name after all! This beer is critically acclaimed, winning four medals for its authentic Oktoberfest taste. Its flavor consists of a superb balance of malt, seasonal hops, light caramel, doughy yeast, and subtle fall spices. The Great Lakes Brewery Oktoberfest initially has a smooth texture, followed by a slight lingering spice.

When it came to pairing one of our C-store cigars with the Great Lakes Oktoberfest, we had to put on our lederhosen to brainstorm - and came up with Zig Zag Apple Wraps.  Zig Zag's crisp apple taste blends amazingly with the malty fall spice flavors and tastes like fresh caramel apples. A Dutch Masters Java finishes the light spice taste like an evening coffee smoothed out with a caramel finish. 

                Zig Zag Apple WrapsDutch Master Java Fusion

Rogue Ales Chocolate Stout

Even though the Rogue Ales Chocolate Stout is available year-round, it’s a fantastic choice for a fall beer. Also, an award-winning stout, this chocolate stout gives us well-rounded, earthy flavors. One sip of the Rogue Ales Chocolate Stout, and you’ll experience a lovely combination of bitter, sweet, chocolate, roast, and malt elements that will warm you up in the chilly weather. This chocolate stout has the best of both worlds in terms of a creamy, stout flavor without some of the heaviness associated with stouts.

Which C-store cigar would best pair well with chocolate? A peanut butter cigar (I’m joking, but that may not be a bad idea). With this chocolate stout, we went outside a traditional fall pairing and recommend it with White Owl or Phillies Blunt Strawberry. Sweet but slightly bitter strawberry combined with sweet and creamy chocolate tastes like chocolate fondue. And might be a little early - but chocolate stout mixed with a Dutch Masters Mint will give you the perfect kick off to the holiday season!

     White Owl Strawberry        Phillie Strawberry  Dutch Master Mint Fusion


Angry Orchard Crisp Hard Apple Cider

Angry Orchard Crisp Hard Apple Cider is not a beer, but a fall crowd pleasure nonetheless. This hard cider is easy to find at local gas stations and bars across the nation. You can see this hard cider year-round, but what goes better with the fall than apple cider? Angry Orchard Crisp Hard Apple Cider pays homage to a classic fall apple cider by incorporating vibrant, fresh apple, dry cider, and acidic flavors.

Don’t let the word “hard cider,” fool you. This fall beverage has an ABV of 5% and will likely initiate your cigar cravings. 4Kings Cranberry-Apple will give you a crisp, fall, chill-in-the-air morning feel. The only cranberry cigar to our knowledge on the market - this one doesn't get highlighted much - but one puff and you'll see that it's tart cranberry taste is the perfect duo with the crisp apple taste. If you're feeling a bit rustic - Sweet Woods Rum River will do the trick. Dark rum mixed with vibrant fresh apple flavor makes for a fun fall evening. 

                   4Kings Cranberry Apple           Sweet Woods Rum River



These are just a few - but whatever your taste, you'll find the above beers and cigars available in most markets to get you into the swing of fall!
If you can't find what you're looking for - check out the selection at and have them sent straight to your door!
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And as always - please drink (and smoke!) responsibly! 




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