The Berry Best! The Top Berry Flavored Cigars.

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Just say the word "berries" and what does it remind you of? If you're like most, you just can't help but think of summertime! By definition, the term "berry" means a small, pulpy, and often edible fruit, typically juicy, rounded, brightly colored, sweet, sour or tart. Perfect for baking, adding to drinks, cooking, or simply by themselves, berries add a different profile to anything its combined with - and tobacco is no exception!

Berry flavor in cigars has been around for quite a while. Formerly, a "berry" flavored cigar was typically a generic term to mean some type of berry flavor - either a blended mix of berries - or was specific to the more popular berry flavors back then such as strawberry, blueberry or raspberry.

Nowadays, you'll find a little more definition in the types of berry flavored cigars you'll find on the market. Manufacturers have combined with them with other fruits or left them just a stand alone flavor. Whatever it is - berry flavor gives anything it touches some summer vibes!  



Fresh, ripe blueberries - unlike any other berry there is. Whether in your pancakes - or muddled in a drink - there's no mistaking the taste. The tobacco world's approach on blueberry has been a long one - and when a company gets it right - its usually one of their best sellers. Zig Zag's Blueberry has been a classic for years, along with Swisher's version. Platinum Blunt wraps have a great wrap with just the right amount of sweet and tart. More recently, Jackpot and Good Times brought their blueberry cigars to market in addition to their top selling 4 Kings Blueberry Pineapple




If you had to pick just one berry to represent the berry world - it might have to be the strawberry. They're kind of the "king" of the berries, really. Over time, there have been a ton of lame strawberry flavored cigars out there - but most of the ones out there today are pretty on point. If you're old school - Phillie's Strawberry has been around for years. Swisher's Strawberry is still a decent seller. Zig Zag makes a great strawberry wrap, along with Platinum's Strawberry Kiwi. Another twist on the fruit flavor - Kiwi Strawberry has been a nice addition to the mix. White Owl offers both Strawberry and Strawberry Kiwi in their line - 4 Kings has their twist with Kiwi Berry and Show's Baboom (Kiwi Strawberry) is a top seller in various areas. 4 Kings also adds Strawberry Lemonade to the mix.



Honey Berry

Although it's not officially a "berry" - Honey Berry has become a category of it's own in recent times. Just about every mass-market manufacturer out there has something of a honey berry or a version of it in their line. How could you not?? It's the perfect pair to flavor a cigar if it'd done right - and there are several who get it wrong. The first that comes to mind that gets it right is Backwoods Honey Berry. The cigar wreaks of country summer with its frayed ends and impressive honey berry taste. If you can't find Backwoods at your local store - then Good Times Sweet Woods has one similar - as does the most recent, Show BK.  Garcia y Vega's 1882's have had a great honey berry cigarillo on he market for a long time.  



So - to contradict my earlier statement about how promoting a generic "berry" flavored cigar was a lame move back in the day - today there are several generic "berry" flavored cigars that really are pretty good. City Life's Mixed Berry is great if you haven't tried it - Dutch Masters Berry Fusion is just one of the great cigars from their Fusion line. Game Leaf's Wild Berry is a great natural leaf choice. Game's Berry Blast is a good cigar - just very hard to find on the market nowadays. White Owl recently came out with their Very Berry - Good Time's Wild Berry is a decent cigar at a great price. And although lesser known for their berry flavored cigars - both Jackpot and Optimo have some great options.  


Blue Raspberry 

Although it's not a huge category - it kinda has come on the scene over the last few months - especially going into the summer. Blue Raspberry - done right - is a  great flavor. Game's Blue Raspberry sells out as quickly as it comes in. But if you're ever looking for a great replacement - check out White Owls. I'm not a huge blue razz fan myself - but from what I've heard, you probably couldn't tell the difference in a taste test. 


All the cigars on the list below have berry flavor - they just don't really fall under any one particular category. 

4 Kings Cranberry Apple
Show Bee Berry
White Owl Berries & Cream (NEW)
White Owl Blackberry Mojito (NEW)
Zig Zag Dragonberry 


So - there you have it! A list of great berry flavored cigars you should be able to  find at your local corner store or online! 
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Whatever your flavor - enjoy your summer!
And as always, please smoke responsibly!





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