The A to Z on Alcohol Flavored Cigars

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What goes better with a cigar than your favorite adult beverage? But did you know there are plenty of options to choose from if you want your tobacco to have the taste of an adult beverage, too?! 

This week, we thought we'd take some time out, pour ourselves a drink - and go over some of the most popular alcohol flavored mass-market cigars you'll find on the market today. 


Irish Cream

Around the middle of March, the demand for everything greenIrish Cream flies off the shelves in retail stores. Irish drinks are served plenty in bars across the country - and tobacco is no exception. A combination of Irish Whiskey and cream, Irish Cream is best known to sweeten Irish coffee. Good Times 4 Kings and Dutch Masters are some of the more popular brands of Irish Cream you'll find in stores not only around St. Patty's Day, but throughout the rest of the year, as well.


Typically known as a premium cigar flavor - brandy has definitely made its mark in the Brandymass-market world, too. Brandy is an alcoholic beverage made of heat-distilled wine or fruit mash and aged before served. Several brands carry great brandy cigars - like Good Times #HD Apricot Brandy and their 4 Kings version.  Swisher's Outlaws Peach Brandy also has great brandy flavor.

Pina Colada

It's tough to make a cigar that tastes like pina colada without being overbearing and obnoxious - which is probably the reason why most manufacturers don't even attempt Pina Coladaone. But if Pina Colada is your flavor of choice, you'll find 4 Kings has a pleasant one. Game recently had a limited edition Strawberry Colada that seemed to fly off the shelves - and now with he coronavirus - you won't likely find it anywhere for quite some time, if ever.

Dark Stout

In the world of cigars, you'll find several sources that pair cigars with craft beers - but Craft BeerBackwoods took it one step further with their Dark Stout cigar - with a flavor to rival whatever is on tap at your local pub. Bitter, dark with a smooth finish - perfect if you're also a craft beer fan.


Another flavor you'll typically find in premium cigars and/or paired with, bourbon is popular among several brands. Made from corn mash and aged in charred oak barrels, bourbon is a whiskey and is only made in the USA. Some cigars have a stronger bourbon flavor than others - so, if you'reDistillery Barrels a bourbon fan, you may want to check out the selection to see which one suits your taste. Backwoods has their Honey Bourbon, one of their best sellers - along with White Owl. Garcia y Vega 1882 has a Bourbon cigar definitely worth a try.

Russian Cream

Not sure why it wasn't until recently that Russian Cream was a standard flavor for cigars, but ever since the day it hit the market, it's been a top Russian Cream Cigarsseller for many brands. What's not to love? Kahlua, hints of chocolate and coffee - and topped with cream! Backwoods led the trend with theirs - and followed up now with a Black Russian, as well. Game Leaf followed suit with their version. If you're looking for something more cost efficient, Good Times' line offers Russian Cream, along with their #HD version. Dutch Masters came late to the game with their version and missed the mark on the flavor - but Good Times' Sweet Woods, one of the newer cigars brands on the market, introduced a great Russian Cream cigar to give Backwoods a run for their money. (read our reviews on each here.)


As long as I can remember, wine has been a standard flavor of cigars both premium and mass-market. Some take the fruitier route and some take the profile head-on to really represent a fine glass of wine. Believe it or not, there aren't a ton of manufacturers that offer a wine cigar - but if they don't, they likely have a grape or whiteWine grape option. (Contact us here for the chance to review white grape and grape cigarillos for an upcoming blog!) Swisher's BLK line has their sleek, black-tipped wine - a favorite of BLK smokers. Good Times Little and Wild has a short wine cigarillo on the market. Wine is one of Blackstone's best selling cigars - and of course, Black and Mild's wine, both regular and wood-tip, are some of the top selling cigars in the world.


Ahhh rum! Whether premium, aged, dark or light, rum plays a part in the culture of just Rum Drinkabout every region of the world. Made by fermenting and then distilling sugarcane liquid then aging in oak barrels, rum has made it's space in the tobacco world, as well. Many manufacturers have used rum to flavor their cigars for years. Dutch Masters has a fairly popular rum flavored cigarillo - and the classic Spiced Rum from Havana Honeys has been a long-time best seller. Recently, some of the more rustic cigar brands took on rum flavored cigars like Swisher's Outlaws with their Double Barrel Rum and Sweet Woods' Rum River - both great rum flavored cigars.


And last but not least, a time-honored favorite flavor of cigar smokers everywhere has been cognac. Considered to be one of the best pairings when smoking a premium Cognaccigar - cognac flavored cigars were inevitable, as early cigar smokers were known to dip their cigars in it to flavor them (Winston Churchill was known to flavor his cigars with cognac, in addition to rum and other liquors). Dutch Masters' Cognac X.O. may not be one of their top sellers, but is a great cognac flavored cigar. Game Leaf, Good Time's #HD and Jackpot all have their version on the market, as well.

There are several cigars over the last couple of years that are flavored like an Cheersalcoholic drink - but just don't fit into any certain category. Flavors like Swisher's Boozy Mango and Boozy Watermelon - two limited flavors that you won't likely find on the market anymore. Or how about White Owl's limited-edition summertime flavor, Spiked Lemonade - or their newest LTO, Blackberry Mojito? Both are great cigars in their own right - so we shall see if White Owl decides to keep them in their year round line up.




Whatever your flavor - celebrate the summer with your favorite cigar brands! And as always, please smoke responsibly!

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