The 8 Hottest Dutch Masters Cigars on the Market

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Undeniably most of us think about one of our favorite cigar brands, Dutch Masters when we see the famous painting titled, ‘The Syndics of The Drapers Guild.’ Indeed, tSyndics of the Draper's Guildhis is the famous 17th-century painting that graces the cover of every Dutch Masters cigar box. It’s a copy of Rembrandt’s painting from the Dutch Golden Age. The painting has also been called “The Sampling Officials.” The ‘drapers” in the painting were men chosen to inspect the quality of cloth that weavers offered for sale.


Undoubtedly, the significance of the painting is meant to represent the importance of the Dutch Masters cigars maintaining the highest standards. Also, the formality of the painting’s image is a clever clue that shows the cigars distinguished quality.


Since 1912, the Dutch Masters cigar company has been well established. The G. H. Johnson Cigar Company were the original producers of this brand. In 1921, the company joined the membership of The Consolidated Cigar Corporation and merged. Today they are manufactured and sold by Imperial Brands. In 1995 Dutch Masters expanded its line to include the Dutch Masters Collection. Then, in 1999 The Consolidated Cigar Corporation merged with Altadis, a Spanish/ French consolidation.


The popularity of these cigars was propelled by the sponsoring of 1950’s and 60’s TV Ernie Kovacsprojects of the actor and comedian Ernie Kovacs. A cigar smoker himself, he promoted Dutch Masters through silent commercials. Additionally, radio and magazine ads also contributed to company growth. Furthermore, quality and affordability have remained at the forefront of company policy thus assuring their steady desirability.




Dutch Masters machine rolled standard cigars and smaller cigarillos are made with the finest quality tobacco. Also, their natural wrapper distinguishes them from other c-store cigars. Tradition carries through their classic blends in the standard cigars. Whereas the cigarillos line is made with the same high-quality tobacco blends as the classic Dutch Master cigars.


Crafted in Puerto Rico, Dutch Masters contain a blend of handpicked Cuban seedDrying Tobacco Leaves Caribbean tobaccos. They are short of fillers and wrapped in a natural leaf. Therefore, setting them apart from other paper-wrapped machine-made cigars. The method of aging the tobacco wrapper provides a distinct smoke and a nice slow burn.




                                          Top 8 Dutch Masters Cigars


Dutch Masters Berry Fusion

Dutch Masters Berry FusionThe high-demand Berry Fusion offers a rich taste of fragrant and fruity berries.

This small smoke has big flavor infused throughout, making it a standout seller in the Dutch Masters field.


Dutch Masters Silver Fusion

Like all Dutch Masters cigars, the all-natural blend of fine tobaccos lends itself toDutch Masters Silver Fusion the popularity of this variety. This traditional standby is made without added flavors and stands on its own mellow taste.




Dutch Masters Honey Fusion

Dutch Masters Honey FusionThis cigarillo is the best seller in the Dutch Masters Fusion line. Infused with a luscious amount of honey nectar, they are hard to resist. Because of their size, they are exactly right for a quick but decadent smoke.



Dutch Masters Irish Fusion

These lively cigars capture the essence of the Fair Isle. Infused with the essenceDutch Masters Irish Fusion of sweet Irish Cream, you’ll surely enjoy their mellow aroma and creamy taste. Perfect as an after-dinner smoke, or anytime you’re looking to relax.




Dutch Masters Corona Deluxe Box

Dutch Masters Corona Deluxe Box


Incorporating the rich flavors of pipe tobacco, the Corona Deluxe continues to please the distinguishing smoker. Its distinct blend of Cuban seed tobacco and natural wrapper contributes to its overall desirability.



Dutch Masters Palma Box

The Palma variety is one of the leading choices from the Dutch Masters brand. TheDutch Masters Palma Box Palma brings a medium-bodied and creamy vanilla flavor that will delight the cigar-smoking enthusiast. This mellow smoke has been a tried-and-true favorite since 1912.




Dutch Masters 3 For 2 Palma

Dutch Masters 3 pack PalmaThese favorite Palma cigars come in a convenient 3 pack to satisfy your desire in a traditional taste. Their popularity has helped to ensure the continued growth in the Dutch Masters lineup of fantastic smokes.





Blue Dream

New, hot, and dreamy! Blue Dream Fusion is the newest Dutch Masters cigar andDutch Masters Blue Dream has a light and smooth flavor. All in all, this smoke burns nice and evenly. Great cigar - and a great wrap, as well!





Timeless and classic the Dutch Masters cigar brand remains a top seller in its class due to its quality tobacco, reliability, and affordability. Additionally, Dutch Masters maintains its high standards and rightfully lives up to its reputation. Simultaneously known for their musky aroma and smooth taste, they continue to please the most discerning c-store cigar smokers. Above all, their vast variety of vibrant flavors along with wide availability insures the continued popularity of the much-loved Dutch Masters cigars.


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And as always, please smoke responsibly!!


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