The 7 Hottest Dutch Masters Cigars

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The Syndics of the Drapers Guild painting

When you look at Rembrandt's painting The Syndics of the Drapers' Guild, does it conjur up thoughts of the four men determining the quality of cloth? Or maybe you are thinking about the master light and shadow work of a 17th Century Dutch artist who unfortunately died broke?

If you said yes to any of the above - I'm calling BS...Everyone knows when you see this famous painting - you think of Dutch Master cigars. 

Throughout its long history, Dutch Master has become one of the best known machine-made cigar brands in the United States. With its Cuban seed tobacco leaves, natural leaf wrapper and each individually foil wrapped to guarantee freshness, Dutch Masters is a solid smoke when you're on the move, as you can find them in just about any convenience store or gas station across the country. 

The Dutch Masters brand of cigars began selling in the US in 1911. Originally produced by the G.H. Johnson Cigar Company who merged with Consolidated Cigar Corporation in 1921, the Dutch Master brand quickly became one of the most popular brands in America.

During the 50's and 60's, Consolidated Cigar sponsored several television shows with comedian Ernie Kovacs, who highlighted silent Dutch Masters commercials, which made the brand a household name.

Throughout the 70's and 80's, Dutch Masters remained one of the top selling mass-market cigars, available in a wide variety of sizes and best known for their blue (vanilla) Palma's. Fairly inexpensive and premium quality, these cigars feature a rich and creamy smoke with hints of vanilla. I distinctly remember the smell of a Dutch Palma - my uncle used to carry a box with him everywhere he went. I couldn't stand the smell of cigarette smoke from my mom's Winston's - but for some reason, the smell of the Palma's was pretty pleasant. 

Dutch Masters saw another surge in popularity during the 90's where they were introduced to the rap world by the Wu-Tang Clan and influenced similar rap acts like Mobb Deep and The LOX. They may not get all the recognition on the radio these days, but their dominance of the hip-hop market for over a decade established them enough to be considered as a reliable wrap even today. 

Today, Dutch Masters is produced in Puerto Rico by Imperial Brands owned Altadis after Consolidated Cigar Corp coupled with them after a merger in 1999

If you're in the mood for a good smoke at a reasonable price - the following are seven of Dutch Masters best sellers on the market today that you're likely to find in just about any corner store near you. 

1. Dutch Masters Berry Fusion

Dutch Master Berry Fusion

Dutch Masters Berry Fusion combines the taste of ripe berries and creamy cigar tobacco to make one of Dutch's biggest sellers on the market today. 

2. Dutch Masters Silver Fusion

Dutch Masters Silver Fusion

The all natural tobacco blend in Dutch Masters Silver Fusion lends to a mellow smoke without additional flavor. 

3. Dutch Masters Honey Fusion

Dutch Masters Honey Fusion

Pound for pound, one of Dutch Masters best selling cigars outside Dutch Palma - and the best seller in their Fusion line, Dutch Honey blends natural tobacco with the taste of sweet honey to make a solid smoke. 

4. Dutch Masters Irish Fusion

Dutch Masters Irish Fusion

One of the only brands to really get an Irish Cream blend right - Dutch Masters Irish Fusion is a perfect after dinner choice.

5. Dutch Masters Corona Deluxe Box

Dutch Masters Corona Deluxe Box

Made from a mellow blend of Cuban seed tobacco and wrapped in a homogenized leaf wrapper, Dutch Masters Corona Deluxe is a smooth smoke with the rich taste of pipe tobacco.

6. Dutch Masters Palma Box

Dutch Masters Palma Box

Arguably the classic cigar that put Dutch Masters on the map, Dutch Palma is the perfect blend of Cuban seed tobacco and creamy vanilla to give you a super-smooth, pleasant smoke.

7. Dutch Masters 3 for 2 Palma

Dutch Masters Palma 3 for 2

The popular Palma cigars that made Dutch Masters a household name are also available in a convenient pouch of 3. 

Whatever your flavor, there's sure to be something in the Dutch Masters line of cigars to please just about anyone! 

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