Spring Beer and C-Store Cigar Pairings 2021

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Who's ready for spring?? Fortunately, it's right around the corner! Spring is often associated with the weather getting gradually warmer, everything growing and becoming greener, the start of baseball, and holidays like Easter. With the emergence of spring, people's spirits lift because summer follows directly afterward.


One awesome way to welcome spring is to indulge in some delicious spring beer. Spring beers vary in flavor, covering everything from seasonal fruit to floral accents to dark stouts. But, most spring beers are known for their wheat elements.


And what's a combination that's as good as peanut butter and chocolate when it relates to beer? Cigars, of course! Please don't go away because we're going to suggest some killer spring beer and cigar duos.


Blood Orange Brew Free! Or Die IPA by 21st Amendment

Who doesn't crave spring fruit coming into season? If you love IPAs with a refreshingBlood Orange fruit aftertaste, then this is the beer for you. Not only does this IPA have a catchy name, but it adds just the right amount of fresh blood orange that gives it a vibrant and hoppy citrus flavor combination.

 With a trademark blood orange taste and its 7% ABV, you'll need a cigar that will complement and mellow your buzz. We suggest Game Honey or Djarum Black -- both compliment the blood orange flavor differently but a nice finish to a great beer. Game HoneyDjarum Black 

Troegs First Cut Mango IPA

Troegs First Cut MangoTroegs is well known for creating smooth, elegant beers, and the First Cut Mango IPA is no different. The "first cut" part of the name pays homage to farmers trimming the first hops of the season, perfect for the spring theme. Its hints of mango and citrus are insatiable, making anyone thrilled at the arrival of spring.


The Troegs First Cut Mango IPA does have a different citrus presence than the Blood Orange Brew Free! Or Die IPA, so you'll want to go with a slightly different cigar path. Try a Backwoods Honey Berry or a Black and Mild AppleBlack and Mild AppleBackwoods Honey Berry that also brings out the mango.





Bell's Oberon Ale

This wheat ale offers a delicious blend of hops, fruit, and various spices that pair well with emerging sunlight. There's even a sun on the can, so how is it not appropriateBell's Oberon Ale for springtime? Bell's Oberon Ale splendidly combines orange, coriander, and wheat flavors with just the right amount of carbonation. Bells is located in Michigan, so you can imagine that as soon as these ales hit the shelves, Michiganders know spring has sprung!


With such a unique flavor palette, which cigar is the most ideal for Bell's Oberon Ale? 4 Kings PomegranateGame PineappleWe recommend either a 4 Kings Pomegranate or a Game Pineapple to light up on a sunny spring afternoon.


Eat the Rich by DSSOLVR

It's not uncommon for springtime to be on the chilly side, and coffee is an excellent way to combat the chills. So, why not accomplish the same thing with a coffee-flavored beer? Eat the Rich is a bourbon barrel coffee stout that provides warmth with its combination of bourbon, chocolate, and coffee taste. While some stouts are heavy and not always refreshing, this coffee stout manages to be on the lighter side with a full flavor. It may not be your speed in the summer, but it goes hand in hand with spring.

Black and Mild PA Cherry Vanilla 

In terms of a coffee stout, you'll most certainly want to go with a cream and sugar cigar. We're kidding; check out Black and Mild's P.A. Soft Cherry Vanilla instead.


New Belgium Citradelic

This isn't the first citrus beer on the list, but don't let it fool you into thinking that citrus Citradelicis the only flavor involved in its palette. The Citradelic not only showcases citrus color and aroma, but it blends bitter and sweet sublimely using pineapple, pine, caramel, and herbs. With the Citradelic, you get a little bit of everything that pairs well with a sunny spring day.


With as many flavors as the Citradelic brings to the table, you can go a couple of different routes cigar-wise:

 4 Kings Melon BerryBlackstone Cherry Tip


Whatever your flavor - check out these and other great flavors to get you in the spirit of spring! 

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And as always, please smoke (and drink!) responsibly!!

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