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Hip hop and c-store cigars, or gas station cigars go way back. The two industries have a long history with each other, and it’s even been said that c-store cigars wouldn’t have the name or popularity they currently enjoy if not for the hip hop community.

Whether they’re looking for some quality tobacco to smoke, or they prefer to use their c-store cigars to roll and smoke blunts, it’s no secret that a lot of our favorite rappers love c-store cigars. In this post, we’re highlighting some of the founding fathers and current wave makers in the hip hop scene who love gas station cigars.

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is not only well known for his catchy, hip hop beats, and edgy style

Snoop Dogg

— he is also just as well known for his love of smoking cannabis. Snoop exudes the West Coast Cali gangster vibe, with a perpetual burning blunt in his hand. Snoop Dogg and gas station cigars go way back.

The rapper has been a loyal user of c-store cigars since his younger days, and he has favored Swisher Sweets to roll his marijuana blunts. In his song, ‘Breathe It In’ Snoop raps, “We like Swisher Sweets, you like Backwoods.”

Rumor has it that Snoop has smoked 81 blunts in a day! In fact, Snoop has such a passion for blazing up, he has a dedicated employee that he pays upwards of $50k per year just to roll his blunts. Now that’s a lot of c-store cigars!

Travis Scott

Travis Scott, aka Cactus Jack – mister SICKO MODE himself – is a huge fan of Backwoods Smokes. The former Superbowl performer and all-around superstar

Travis Scott

prefers Backwoods cigars to any other c-store cigar brand for his blunts. According to a Rolling Stone article from 2018, Scott can’t stand to run out and has to refill his stash as soon as possible.

It’s no secret that Travis Scott enjoys a good smoke. He often uses Backwoods to wrap and roll his marijuana, getting a nice buzz from his cigar and anything he adds to it.

The Grammy-nominated HIGHEST IN THE ROOM singer is always on the move. With a new brand deal every day – from Fortnight to PlayStation to McDonald's, Scott is constantly expanding his reach.

He started his line of Cactus Jack apparel and merchandise, as well as a music production company. He’s also father to the daughter he shares with another young business powerhouse, Kylie Jenner. So, with a life that never stops, it only makes sense why this multi-platinum artist would want to wind down now and then with a relaxing smoke.

The next time you’re going hard at the gym, blasting HIGHEST IN THE ROOM in your headphones, remember that the Travis Scott song you’re listening to wouldn’t exist without Backwoods cigars.

Notorious B.I.G.

Notorious B.I.G., affectionately known as Biggie was a huge fan of gas station cigars. Phillies blunts were generously used to roll his weed and he wasn’t shy about

Biggie Smalls on wall in Germany

it. The Brooklyn New York rapper referenced his love for smoking cannabis in many of his lyrical hits.

Phillies blunts blew up on the scene and they became such a symbol of a “bad boy or girl,” that there were hats and T-shirts sold with its name. During this time, Phillies dominated the c-store cigar industry. People from all walks of life were purchasing boxes of the cigars. Sadly, the Grammy nominated hip hop artist was killed tragically at a young age.

Biggie’s musical legacy lives on through his posthumous albums. And people remember him by his 'teddy-bear' physique and his laidback personality. And I'm sure no one will ever forget his appreciation for a nicely rolled fat Phillies blunt.

Cardi B

Rapper, mother, social media powerhouse, and political influencer Cardi B has a thing for Swisher Sweets. And it seems like the feeling is mutual! In April 2019, Cardi won the Spark Award at the Swisher Sweets Awards. The Grammy award-

Cardi B

winning artist is also a partner in the Swisher Sweets Artist Project Initiative and performs concerts at Swisher Sweet Pack Nights.

In May 2019, a 2017 video from Cardi B’s social media resurfaced and went viral. In the video, Cardi proudly shows off the exclusive Swisher Sweets Ugg boots she received as a gift from the company.

Holding up one of the red, custom Swisher Sweets Ugg boots boot stuffed with cigarillos, Cardi bragged to fans about her great relationship with Swisher Sweets.

The 28-year-old self-made superstar from the Bronx knows a good smoke when she sees one.


Easily one of the biggest names in hip hop right now, DaBaby is setting the rap scene on fire. And when he’s not lighting up stages, he’s lighting up cigars. DaBaby was last year’s Swisher Sweets Spark Award Winner. The ROCKSTAR artist shared his love for the brand, the aesthetic, and the vibe of Swishers during his Spark Award acceptance speech.

Also, during his acceptance speech, DaBaby praised the brand for generously providing its signature smokes to guests, “A hundred packs of cigars on the tables. Smoke ‘em all…Y’all know how to treat a player.” He went on to share the exciting news of partnering with Swisher Sweets on new projects as an artist in their Artist Project Initiative.

As we’ve come to expect excellence from the 6-time Grammy Award Nominee, we can’t wait to see what he’s got cooking up with one of our best-selling c-store cigar brands.

Wu-Tang Clan

Kickin’ it old school style –the hardcore, East Coast hip hop band was deep into the weed culture back in the early 90s. Cannabis blunts were abundant wherever the group traveled. Their rolling papers of choice? None other than

Wu-Tang Clan

White Owl cigar wrappers.

The Wu-Tang Clan has referenced White Owl cigars in many of their greatest hits, and the gas station cigar took off in popularity. ‘Tical’ was a code word for their signature blunt style, which was a c-store cigar rolled in syrup, sprinkled with weed, then rolled again.

Once labeled “the number one greatest hip hop group of all time,” Wu-Tang Clan is also notoriously known for each of its members getting zooted at their concerts while smoking their weed rolled in their gas station cigars. They were a strong influential force in the high demand for c-store cigars.

Nipsey Hussle

The unforgettable Nipsey Hussle was a lover of Dutch Masters. Nipsey was not only a phenomenal rapper and hip hop idol, but he was also a hardworking

Nipsy Hussle

father, business leader, fashion designer, real estate mogul, and champion for the culture with big dreams. Nipsey’s work was always aimed at lifting up the community and supporting the next generation.

In his music video for Ocean Views, the South Central native sits at a beautifully laid out breakfast table at his mansion by the ocean, rolling a blunt. In the song, Hussle raps a bar about “smoking top flight in the biggest cars.” This made it clear that he only aligned himself with what he felt were the best smokes out there.

His preference for Dutch Masters grew into a mutual collaboration when Dutch Masters reached out to Nipsey and named him one of their Featured Artists. Like the Dutch master painters the cigars are named after, Nipsey didn’t get the clout he deserved when he was alive. But we can remember, honor, and continue his legacy for progress and hope for the youth. The next time you light up a Dutch Masters cigar, do it in memory of Nipsey Hussle.

The Roots

One of the most iconic groups in the hip hop industry, The Roots, have been known to request Sweet Aromatic Backwoods cigars on their performance rider. What can we say? When they go to perform shows, they like to do it in style.

The Roots

Being easy enough on the pallet to smoke before or after a performance, it makes sense why Backwoods Sweet Aromatics has always been a favorite of iconic hip hop artists like The Roots.

The deliciously mellow and sweet Backwoods Sweet Aromatic cigars are famous for making great blunt wraps. The cigars add a nice flavor to the cannabis while giving off a sweet, pleasant aroma.

Although The Roots never specified on their rider that they intended to use the cigars for blunts, The Tonight Show’s resident band was denied their rider request for 4 packs of Backwoods Smokes at a Chicago show in 2016. With Illinois’ legalization of recreational cannabis consumption and sales last year, things might be looking up for The Roots the next time they visit Chicago. They might just get their Backwoods cigars after all.

Final Thought

The hip hop industry and c-store cigars have a long history together. It’s hard to think of one without the other. Some of our favorite artists prefer Swisher Sweets, Backwoods, Phillies, White Owls, or Dutch Masters. And there are a bunch that we didn’t include on this list.

Which artist shares your preferred brand? Which one do you want to try? Maybe you want a pack of Backwoods sweet aromatics? Or perhaps a Phillies blunt pack? We’ve got you. Check out our store to stock up on your favorite rapper’s cigars.


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And as always - please smoke responsibly!!!!

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