How to be Unpopular in the Cigar Shop World

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In our short time as an online cigar retailer, we've found there are many ways you can bring value to your customers. Lower prices and speedy delivery are probably two main key ways to keep your customers happy - and if you happen to provide special offers to your customer base in addition to your service - then you should hopefully see some success as an online cigar shop.

But on the flip side - there are many ways a store can become unpopular with those who are used to a typical cigar shop and trying to find cigars online - and CStore Cigars just happens to be one of them. 

The term "online cigar shop" is vague - only in part because the term "cigar" is vague itself. By definition, the term "cigar" according to Wikipedia means a "rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaves made to be smoked." This "leaves" much room for interpretation among cigar manufacturers and the grey area between premium cigars and mass-market cigars still binds them together - and is also the area where most cigar enthusiasts get very passionate about their differences. 
Log onto any online forum for premium cigars - and you'll find a complete bashing of the mass-market category. I've recently commented on a couple forums to poke the bear a bit - claiming that a regular Swisher would beat out a fine Cohiba anyday - just to watch the frenzy of cigar enthusiasts lose their shit in a rant about how crazy I must be. 
To put it "bluntly" - all cigar shops are not created equal - and we're fine with that. The products offered on a premium online cigar shop differs greatly from one such as CStore Cigars who only offer quality, mass-market cigars, otherwise known as "gas station cigars". While other popular online cigar retailers may not put them in their mail catalogs - they all offer mass-market cigars on their websites. 
When's the last time you saw someone lighting up a Dutch in a cigar shop? I'm assuming never - and if you did - I'm sure the term "cigar shop" was being used very loosely there. 
Folks - we can all agree that mass-market cigars are not premium. While each have similar characteristics - they are typically consumed in a different manner and in different settings. Listen, you can use whatever adjectives you want to describe them, but as long as mass-market cigars are still a "rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaves made to be smoked", we need to at least call them cigars. Stating they are different is like saying you can't call McDonald's a restaurant because it doesn't hold up to a fine steakhouse. But at the end of the day - there may only be one steakhouse serving 50 fine steaks a night - but meanwhile - there's seven McDonald's in the same town serving thousands of burgers a day to satisfied customers. So, as long as we can all agree that mass-market cigars are indeed cigars and that one should not light up a Backwoods in a cigar shop, I'm sure we'll all get along just fine.
So - to you enthusiasts - we do believe you that your Cohiba's are probably a better cigar than a Dutch or Backwood. But then again, it depends on the setting.
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