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When we began researching Game cigars, it became apparent that outside sales explanations of each cigar themselves on retailers sites, there isn't much in the way of the history of the widely popular brand out there online. 

Seasoned smokers or new - most everyone has heard of Game cigarillos by Garcia y Vega at some point. So why the lack of information?? There's not even a Wiki page for them!!

The information on the history of Game cigars may be brief - but it may be a testament to their image and popularity. In the world of cigars, Game stands on its own. Never flashy or clamoring for attention - calm and collected - never too high or too low - doesn't really belong to any certain circle - but when asked, even those that don't smoke them on the regular seems to think they are a solid wrap. Their best sellers are tried and true - and they rarely introduce new flavors to the market - and they don't play the copycat game by producing flavors to mimic other popular flavors of other brands. Typically found wherever you shop for your smokes, and conveniently packaged two cigars to a foil pouch! 


Garcia & Vega Cigar Co. was founded in New York in 1882 as Garcia & Gonzalez Cigar Co. by Asturian immigrant Alvaro Garcia Longo. (That's not a typo - Asturias is an autonomous region of north-west Spain.) 


Through generations and a few sales of the brand over time, Garcia Y Vega was eventually purchased by Swedish Match in 1999 from General Cigar. Swedish Match also own other popular brands such as Jackpot and White Owl.


Garcia Y Vega introduced Game in 2007, bringing new flavor profiles to the market, setting a standard in a growing trend in machine-made cigars. 


Game introduced their newest creation, Game Leaf, in late 2019 - which has taken on significant market share on it's own with flavors such as Cognac, Sweet, Natural, Wild Berry and White Russian.

All of Garcia Y Vega and Game cigars are made in the Dominican Republic. Using fillers from three different countries, they are wrapped in candela and Sumatra natural leaf wrappers.

The following are among Game's top sellers today:



Game Black

Garcia y Vega's Game Black Cigarillos are known for their hand selected leaf wrapper and its dark, chocolaty flavor! Sure to please most any cigar enthusiast - Game Black delivers a satisfying, sweet tasting smoke for those on the go!



Game Blue

Game Blue are mild-bodied cigars made from their Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed filler touched with the taste of vanilla. Wrapped in a homogenized wrapper for a rich and smooth smoke!




Game Diamond


Game Diamond - mild-bodied cigars made from a nutty blend of Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed filler touched with the taste of burnt sugar and vanilla!



Game Green

Garcia y Vega's Game Green Sweet Cigarillos are known for their selected mellow and smooth green leaf tobacco. Sure to please most any cigar enthusiast - Game Green Sweet delivers a satisfying, fresh tasting smoke.



Game Red

Filled with aged aromatic tobacco and combined with a Connecticut Shade wrapper makes Game Red "slow, smooth and sweet"!



Game Silver

Perfect for those who can do without a strong flavor - Game Silver delivers a smooth, unsweet, yet flavorful taste of their Cuban seed filler tobacco.

  White Grape

Game White Grape

Garcia y Vega's Game White Grape Cigarillos are known for their selected green leaf tobacco and crisp, fruity, white grape flavor! Sure to please most any cigar enthusiast!


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And as always - please smoke responsibly!

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