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The second half of fall is here and the winter holidays are quickly approaching. It's been a stressful year and it's likely that you haven't taken a vacation in quite a while! With colder weather around the corner and a huge list of things to Staycationdo over the holidays, most of us aren't jumping on a cruise or headed to the airport anytime soon. Even if you're not afraid of getting sick - traveling just isn't fun to do right now. Hell - sometimes it's a hassle just to get through the checkout line at the grocery store!!

To say the least - you might find yourself in need of a break every once in a while. To help you "get away" this holiday - we decided to give you a few make-at-home drink recipes from around the world and cigars to pair to "take you away" to that vacation destination - all using some stuff from around your house or easily found at your local convenience store!


My Polish Grandmother

Polish Grandmother

Had to follow my heritage on this one. My great grandmother followed a variation of this recipe using Polish cuisine and lived to be 95. It's a delicious drink beautifully showcasing the highlights of Polish cuisine with its vodka base. You can use any vodka from any liquor store, but Sobieski truly provides the most Polish authenticity. For one of the most popular and easy mixed international drink recipes, combine the following ingredients:


3 shots of Vodka-preferably Sobieski's

3 tablespoons of sauerkraut

2 tablespoons of butter-melted

3 garlic cloves-minced

Mashed potatoes around the rim, or pierogi, for garnish

Optional - chunk of Kielbasa, for additional flavor.

Roughly muddle garlic and sauerkraut together in shaker- no ice. Add vodka and butter and shake vigorously. Dip small drink glass upside down into bowl of mashed potatoes and fill with contents of shaker. Top with toothpick of Kielbasa. 

When indulging in this fine beverage, light up a Zig Zag Apple wrap - grab the ol' accordion and polka the night away! 


Night on the Gondola

Italian drink

Have a vacation to Italy planned for the holidays but missed out because of the worldwide pandemic? Drift away like an evening in Venice with a Night on the Gondola, a red wine mixed drink. Just close your eyes and imagine riding on a gondola being steered by some guy named Giovanni while you sip on one of these!


Red wine of your choice


Fresh Basil

Rim lined with Parmesan cheese

Optional chaser shot of tomato sauce

Muddle garlic and basil at bottom of shaker. Add red wine and let marinate for at least 15 minutes. Wet rim of red wine glass and dip into grated Parmesean cheese. Strain red wine mixture into glass and top with fresh basil sprig. 

Black and Mild Cream

To compliment this shot, we suggest a Black and Mild Cream cigar, kick back to a binge season of the Soprano's - and you'll be doing your best Marlon Brando impressions the rest of the night!


White Girl Wasted

White girl wasted

We've all heard the phrase white girl wasted. Shit, we've seen a lot of girls white girl wasted. This drink accomplishes getting you in the "party/cruise" spirit and whisks you away poolside getting wasted watching the belly flop contest with a bunch of co-eds!

To make a White Girl Wasted, combine the following ingredients:

1 can of hard seltzer (I prefer Truly - but White Claw will do if not available!)

2 shots of vodka

1 shot of cough syrup

Splenda and ground-up vitamins on the rim

Optional - 1 Venti cup of your favorite Starbucks drink chaser

Combine seltzer, vodka and cough syrup in shaker with ice. Pour into glass rimmed with Splenda and vitamins. Fill glass and top with splash of 5 Hour Energy. 

White Owl Blue Raspberry

But before you go getting reacquainted with the toilet bowl - light up a White Owl Blue Raspberry to turn the party up!  


Cinco De Mayo - Errday.

Cinco De Mayo drink

Who doesn't like to turn it up a little bit for the 5th of May?  (Maybe even every Taco Tuesday, as well, anyone??) Well, keep it coming with this delicious concoction from Mexico! This mixed drink showcases Mexican cuisine and the combination of two fine Mexican beverages that will have you belting out tunes like a Mariachi band! This drink involves a little more prep; but is undoubtedly one of the tastiest drinks you'll find!

1 Margarita

1 Corona or Mexican beer of your choice

1 tablespoon of chopped cilantro

1 tablespoon of sauteed onion

1 tablespoon browned ground beef 

1 lime wedge

Packet of taco seasoning mix for rim

Combine cilantro, onion and ground beef in shot glass rimmed with taco seasoning mix. Garnish with lime. Mix margarita and beer in a tall glass and chug. Chase with contents of shot glass and finish with lime.

4 Kings Watermelon

For best results, throw on some Santana and light up a 4 Kings Game PineappleWatermelon or Game Pineapple and you'll be swinging at the pinata with your amigos in no time! 




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- Written by Alexis B. and Heath Nichols

Alexis is a certified goofball specializing in all things comedy. Alexis founded the Corona Comedy Blog, a satirical website, to get people through the trying times of the coronavirus. Check out her blog at




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