Flavored Cigars for Beginners

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Lighting up your first cigar can be an exciting moment… or intimidating. Gone are the days of the stereotypical image of a fat old man with a top hat, a bag of money

Cigar Smoking Image of Fat Man with a bag of cashand a cigar in his mouth. Today’s cigar enthusiasts are of different ages and include both men and women. A quick look at social media sites will confirm their newfound popularity.


As a beginner, you’ll want to consider certain guidelines to help in getting the most enjoyment from your cigar smoking experience. You’ll find that cigar smoking takes time and creates a pleasant environment in which to relax. Cigars taste good and are sometimes smoked for that reason alone. It’s all about savoring the flavor versus inhaling. Having elements of both an art and a science, beginner cigar smokers will benefit from a few pointers.


How To Choose A C-Store Cigar

When it comes to choosing your first c-store cigars, the array of choices can be a bit

Various C-Store Cigars

overwhelming because there are so many to choose from. For starters, consider asking the advice of a friend who also smokes them. As a beginner cigar smoker, it’s best to buy single package cigars of different kinds. Until your tastes develop, you’ll want to experiment with several different flavors and brands.

Because there is such a wide variety, keep your selection limited at first. Start with a mild cigar which will be less intense. A longer, thinner cigar will be less likely to make the beginner cough. Remember that cigars aren’t treated with chemicals to make them easier to inhale nor do they have filters. Cigar smoke is thicker and hotter so it can irritate your lungs and start a cough. If the cigar has a bite or a sting, it’s not right for you. Choose another. It should taste woodsy or fruity, depending upon your pick. A lighter wrapper around the cigar and tobacco color usually indicates a milder flavor.

Eventually, as you refine your tastes, you’ll choose a certain cigar for particular times, meals, beverages, etc. C-store cigars come in a wide variety of flavors. They range from vanilla to coffee, blueberry, tutti fruity, wine, and rum. From sweet to woodsy or mild and smooth, you’ll have quite a selection. For cigar smokers on a budget, you can’t beat convenience store cigars. They are easy to smoke and readily available. Additionally, these machine-made cigars will vary

Black and Mild Logo

in strength so keep that in mind too. Some are equipped with wood or plastic tips which many beginners like. Black and Mild brand is popular for its pipe tobacco style made from Virginia-grown tobacco. Sweet and smokey, they are many a beginner’s first cigar.


Backwoods is another well-known and loved brand for the beginner. These c-store

Backwoods Sweet Pack

cigars also come in a wide variety of flavors to fit any taste. Even though they have a funny shape, Backwoods are the only machine-made cigars made with a broad-leaf wrapper, most gas station cigars are made with a man-made wrapper That includes some paper. Backwoods flavors range from dark and smokey to sweet and are exceptionally smooth.


One of the oldest, best-selling, and affordable cigar brands is Dutch Masters. The company has been in business since 1922 and is now sold internationally. You can find them in most convenience stores and of course, order them online as well. The brand is easily recognizable by a picture of a Rembrandt

Dutch Masters Logo

masterpiece on its box cover. One of their best cigars is called the “President.”  Even though it is machine-made, it has a natural wrapper. Known for its mellow smoke, it became popular in the 1950s and 1960s through Hollywood movies.


A hot new addition to the Dutch Master line is the Fusion. It brings top-notch quality and a rich aroma at a super reasonable price. Choose from refreshing and explosive flavors like atomic, mint, or java fusion. If you are in the mood for sweet flavors, you can select from honey, rum, Irish, and berry.


How to Smoke a C-Store Cigar

There is an art and a science to smoking any cigar. As a beginner, it is important to first find a calm and comfortable environment. A relaxed atmosphere will allow for a more pleasurable smoke. If you are around other people, it is best that you feel at ease with your company. You want to be able to fully appreciate your first cigar.

Man Smelling  a cigar

First, unwrap, or remove the cigar from its box. Hold it under your finger and thumb so you can sense the weight and size of the stick. Some cigar smokers opt to take a few whiffs before firing it up.

 Next, you will light the cigar. Preferably use a butane lighter for the best results. Without letting the flame touch the cigar, gently puff a few times while you are lighting it.

Man lighting cigarThen blow lightly on the end of the cigar to make sure it is evenly lit. Alternatively, you might want to bring the cigar to your lips before lighting it. It may give you a sense of what to expect from your first lit draw.


After the cigar is lit, gently draw in the air, and fill your mouth with the cigar smoke. This is similar to sucking through a straw. Be careful not to clench the cigar between your teeth and cheek. For optimal flavor, it is recommended to not inhale the smoke. Focus on both the aroma filling your mouth and the fragrance in the air surrounding you. After you let the smoke stay in your mouth for a few seconds, you can slowly blow it out. You can purse your lips and blow or open your mouth wider to let the smoke out.

Man blowing smoke ringsWhen you become a bit more experienced, you can try to blow some smoke rings for fun. You can try a technique known as retro-hale. With this method, you only blow the last of the smoke out through your nose. Initially, it will only smell like a cigar, but over time you will be able to distinguish various flavors. Additionally, the nicotine produces a relaxing effect which adds to the pleasure of smoking.


Above all, take your time and you will do fine. To fully appreciate your cigar, don’t rush in between puffs. To get the most out of your cigar, a puff a minute is sufficient for beginners. This gives your body time to adjust to the nicotine. It also prevents cigar nausea. It is suggested to keep hydrated with a glass of water nearby when smoking. It is ok to let the ash build up, on the end of the cigar. It helps to keep the cigar from overheating, which can make for a bitter taste.

Equally important is to stop smoking if you are not enjoying it. Lay the cigar down in an ashtray and let it go out by itself. Resist the impulse to smash it as there is no

Cigar and and an ashtray

need. Remember that smoking a cigar is for your enjoyment. It is important to find the right cigar for you. Over time, you will feel more confident with your smoking method.


Closing Thoughts

Cigar smoking is a popular favorite pastime. It could be celebratory or solemn. In a group, or alone. You may find like-minded friends who share your new- found

Guys enjoying a cigar and a drink

enthusiasm. Likewise, smoking a cigar should be a soothing experience. It is a way to unwind, relax, and de-stress from the day. Cigar smoking has been around for hundreds of years. Once relegated to the ranks of the rich and royal, it is now accessible to everyone.


They are readily available at convenience stores, gas stations, tobacco shops, and any place that sells tobacco products. Even more conveniently, you can purchase online and have them delivered directly to your home. Eventually, you will polish your smoking skills, and you will be accustomed to the best way to enjoy your C-store cigars. Keep in mind that there is an abundance of c-store cigars. Continue to try new flavors and different brands. Undoubtedly, with time, you will find your desired brand and your favorite flavor.


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And as always - please smoke responsibly!!

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