9 Myths About C-Store Cigars

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Cigars are back! Well, actually they never left. But these days, it seems like everywhere you turn, there are videos, articles, and ads for cigars. Cigars of varied brands, qualities, and prices are all the buzz lately. With all the hubbub, we want to take a minute to address 9 common cstore cigar myths.

C-store cigars, also known as ‘gas station cigars’ are largely underrated, and they sometimes have a tainted reputation for unfounded reasons. Whether a regular cigar smoker is enjoying their daily smoke, a celebrity showing off their cigar of choice, or a YouTube critic reviewing brands - cigars are popping up all over the place.

Some people rave about how great inexpensive, factory cigars are, and we’d have to agree. However, there are also a decent number of rants and rumors about gas station cigars that we would like to clear up. We’re about to bust 9 common c-store cigar myths - and explain why they deserve a better rap.

Myth #1 – All Cigars Are the Same

When you get fast food in America, you probably don’t think twice about your order.

Cigar types

Grabbing a breakfast pastry and morning coffee on your way to work is something millions of people do every day. Now, imagine the next time you’re at a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-through, they hand you a pork and seaweed donut instead of your usual chocolate éclair. Weird, right?

Well, actually, it’s not that weird if you live in China. Pork and seaweed is a legitimate and surprisingly popular donut variety over there. So is pizza. Sweet and savory together doesn’t sound so bad. To each their own.

Why am I telling you this?

When we think of donuts in the United States – versus what someone in China might think of as a donut– these are two completely different things. Even a baby could tell the difference between what I’m sure is a delicious sweet and salty pork and seaweed donut and a good oldfashioned chocolate one. Yet somehow, they share the same name. They’re both called donuts.

Similarly, c-store cigars and premium varieties are all called “cigars.” But the term "cigar" really shouldn't cover ALL cigars - sounds dumb - but it's true. It's like saying the term "donut" covers ALL donuts. Or that the word “car” can describe EVERY car. That’s not how it works.

There's such a huge difference in the aspects of each - who makes them - how they are made - what they are made for, how they taste, etcetera. Calling them the same thing and comparing them to each other just doesn’t make sense.

Mass-market cigars – like the ones you can purchase with us – give regular smokers who enjoy flavor and a good smoke a pleasant smoking experience. We’re sure that folks who like premiums also appreciate the value of a good smoke. But there’s no point in pitting the two against each other.

C-store cigars and premium cigars are really only the same in name. Each has a lot to offer, and each can be enjoyed by whoever likes them. We’re not about to police people’s interests. And with almost 90% of all domestic cigar sales coming from mass-market cigars, it’s pretty clear that we’re not alone in our love for a good cigarillo.

There’s plenty of variety to go around! Not all cigars are the same, but all cigars deserve respect.

Myth #2 – Gas Station Cigars Taste Bad

Many people automatically think that because they are affordable, c-store cigars must taste bad. The truth is quite the opposite. Gas station cigars have a unique

Man with a bad taste in his mouth

taste of their own. While they may not taste exactly like an expensive premium cigar, that isn’t the point. We just talked about how these are very different, so there’s no need to compare.

C-store cigars have their own satisfying flavor profiles. Choices vary from natural tobacco to all types of flavors including bourbon, honey, mango, berry, and numerous other fruity additions. They can range from dark and smokey, earthy, or sweet tasting.

While some prefer the natural tobacco taste, the ever-increasing array of flavors continues to add to the smoker’s delight. The individual’s choice is completely subjective and can even change depending upon the smoking situation.

Myth #3 – Gas Station Cigars Smell Bad

Rumor has it that c-store cigars do not smell good. Gas station cigars have their own

Woman saying something smells

distinct aroma. Contrary to some beliefs, this cigar type can actually have a very pleasant scent.

As the sense of smell is one of the strongest of human senses, a cigar's aroma has a significant role in one's preference. The cigar's aroma is connected to its flavor, so smoking a flavored cigar will emit a specific fragrance such as earthy, fruity, or spicy.

In fact, the essences you will enjoy vary greatly due to the many distinct flavors of c-store cigars. Smokers of c-store cigars find this aspect to be quite appealing, adding to their attraction to these cigars.

Myth #4 – Gas Station Cigars are Poor Quality

Some believe that because c-store cigars are machine-made - and not handmade, they must be of subpar quality. Gas station cigars are made from quality tobacco often from Cuban seed and often manufactured in the Dominican Republic.

High quality meter

Some brands produce very decent quality for their price. Checking for freshness will make for a better-quality smoke. When brands list natural tobacco as the first ingredient you can go from there to determine the quality you’re looking for.

Quality will depend upon the individual's preference and tastes. Since there is a wide variety to select from, a bit of experimentation with brands will eventually lead you to your perfect style and choice.

Myth #5 – Gas Station Cigars Only Appeal to Men

Women are increasingly becoming a contributing factor in c-store cigars sales. The rise in popularity among female cigar smokers is evident not only in sales figures but

Men smoking cigars

in advertising as well. Although women have been cigar smokers for over a hundred years, the practice has come into the acceptable mainstream culture now and is not considered unusual anymore.

In many social settings, smoking a cigar is chic and sophisticated. Gas station cigars are a popular choice among women who are beginner cigar smokers for their availability, price, and mildness. This trend will continue as more and more women find enjoyment in a good cigar smoke.

Myth #6 – Gas Station Cigars Are Not Really Popular

The popularity of c-store cigars is increasing annually as the popularity of cigarettes decreases. Statistics show that 2018 sales reached nearly $3.5 billion for this type of cigar. Solid growth is predicted despite legislative threats to prohibit sales of flavored

Most popular


Smoking cigars is an activity perfect for a quiet and leisurely time of relaxing and chilling out. As stressful as our lives can often be, many people are looking to this past time to take a break from it all.

C-store cigars are milder and easier to smoke, come equipped with plastic or wooden smoking tips. Newbies often find themselves attracted to this type. People want c-store cigars from coast to coast, and they’re sold in large cities and small towns across the country. It is also commonly known that international travelers stock up on gas station cigars and give them as gifts to their families and friends when they return home. Their popularity isn’t going anywhere but up.

Myth #7 – Gas Station Cigars Are Only Sold in Gas Stations

In contrast to the name, gas station cigars are not only found in convenience stores.

Gas station cartoon

These inexpensive gems are available to purchase in many locations all across the country including headshops, Mom & Pop general stores, pubs, and even select grocery stores.

Best of all, in this day and age of modern technology, the new type of ‘convenience store’ is a website like this one. You can order your favorite c-store cigars with a simple click all from the comfort of your couch and have them delivered directly to your door.

No more waiting in line or dealing with weirdos at the gas station. Save your time, money, and gas by buying in bulk right here with us on your favorite varieties of c-store cigars. Discover new flavors while you’re at it! By creating an account with us, you can make the checkout process even easier and faster.

Myth #8 – Gas Station Cigars Are for the Older Population

When thinking about c-store cigars, many people picture their dad or grandfather sitting in his old chair, wearing slippers and a bathrobe, and puffing away on his cigar.

Grumpy old man cartoon

I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that image, but if you think that’s the only type of person who smokes, that outdated stereotype couldn’t be further from the truth.

Gas station cigars are a huge hit with adults of all ages. Young adults as well as middle-aged cigar enthusiasts have fun getting together, chatting, and comparing the different and new flavors c-store cigars offer.

Young adult celebrities have referenced many assorted brands of c-store cigars such as Black & Milds, Swisher Sweets, and White Owl in their music and movies. This type of publicity has helped to get the word out about c-store cigars making them current, trendy, and a hot commodity, not just for older people.

Myth #9 – Gas Station Cigars Are Not Worth the Money

The idea that c-store cigars are not worth the money is pretty naive. The vast

Value - worth the price

number of brands and varieties alone make them worth their inexpensive prices. Also, who doesn’t need to or want to be conscious about their spending budget these days?

Don't forget to factor in the plethora of styles and flavors, and it’s a no-brainer. Taking into consideration the examples listed above, we think you will agree that there are quite a few misconceptions about non-premium cigars.

We believe c-store cigars are not only worth the money, but they are also quite undervalued. These cost-effective stogies are smokeable bliss. Plus, when you buy in bulk, it’s a crazy good deal. Talk about bang for your buck.

Don’t let these 9 ridiculous myths hinder you from diving into the world of c-store cigars. The source of many of the rumors come from individuals who haven’t even tried c-store cigars, or those aiming for clout by only smoking expensive, premium cigars.

C-store cigars have their own distinctive advantages. You will never get bored with the endless options of styles and flavors, and the ever-changing brands.

We hope this has clarified any misinformation you may have heard about c-store cigars. Now that you have a fresh outlook on c-store cigars, we invite you to check out our online store and see what we have to offer. Pick up a few varieties while you’re at it! Once you take the plunge, we think you will be pleasantly surprised and will find yourself coming back for more!

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And as always, please smoke responsibly!

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