9 Cigars For the Holiday Season!

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Christmas is less than ten days away  - Hanukkah is already here and Kwanzaa is right around the corner! While some traditions for each holiday may be different, they all are based in the same ideals of family and friends gathering to celebrate time together.

This week, we're going to suggest our best c-store cigars to kick your holiday traditions up a notch!


Happy Hanukkah to all our Jewish friends! Whether you're lighting the menorah, spinning a dreidel, eating delicious sufganiyot, or exchanging gifts, Hanukkah is certainly a special time of year! Don't put that lighter away after lighting the candles, though. On Christmas Day, while others are celebrating - order up some delicious Chinese and compliment with a Game White Grape cigar after to celebrate! The crisp white grape taste is a tasty finish to just about any holiday meal.


Decorating the Christmas Tree

Were you like most people and put up your Christmas decorations the day after Halloween this year?? Christmas decor is flying off the shelves like the stores are being looted!! Now that the colder weather is here - trim the tree and bask in the smell of the pine scent! And to make the season even brighter - light up a Backwoods Honey and Fa-La-La-La-La the night away! It's rustic, frayed look and the sweet taste of honey compliments the pine scent perfectly.  

Baking Cookies

This is the time of the year when the oven's warmth mixes with the hints of sugar, vanilla, peanut butter, peppermint, gingerbread, and chocolate! Spending time in the kitchen with family making cookies is one of the best holiday traditions, no matter what you celebrate! 

And there's nothing like the taste of coffee to top some holiday baked goods! In between batches of cookies - light up a Dutch Master Java Fusion and enjoy the smells and tastes of the holidays! 


Elf On The Shelf

Elf on the Shelf is one of the most fun Christmas-time traditions to play with the kids - and adults! Finding your elf in mischevious situations every morning is fun for the whole family! While you enjoy your cup of coffee and watch the kids run around looking for their elf - try smoking a Blackstone Tip Vanilla. The delicious vanilla taste goes perfectly with a morning cup of coffee during the holidays - or anytime!


Gift Exchanges

Partaking in the Secret Santa or White Elephant office gift exchange this year? Exchanging goofy gag gifts with your coworkers and wearing that ugly sweater – resist spiking the eggnog shenanigans and spark up a Sweet Woods Rum River instead to make the evening complete!   

Enjoying Hot Cocoa 

Hot cocoa is the most iconic Christmas time drink. Hot cocoa has a soothing, warm, chocolatey goodness. Homemade or from the store, marshmallows or not -  a good cup of hot chocolate will totally make you feel like a kid again! Finish it off with a Dutch Masters Mint Fusion and enjoy the chocolate-minty goodness!

Watching Favorite Christmas Movies

If your house is like mine - Christmas movies are on 24/7 around the holiday! Everybody gathers round the living room in their pj's-  maybe you even have some logs burning in the fireplace. To really bring back the ol' holiday feeling, I like to light up a Black and Mild Wood Tip and it takes me back to my grandfather lighting up his pipe when I was a kid watching "It's a Wonderful Life" on their living room floor for the first time. Bring back the nostalgia and enjoy the rich pipe-tobacco aroma without the need to scrape out a pipe!

Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping nowadays is a little different than past years. Of course you gotta mask up - which - by the way, I've noticed takes away from the whole Christmas shopping experience. When I walked through the mall the other day - it seemed "bland" until I took my mask off for a second to breath and smelled the coffee brewing in Starbucks and candied nuts being made in a cafe - the busy perfume store and even Bath and Body Works down the hall. Without all the scents of the season - the ambiance of shopping just isn't the same. 

So - whether you went out and shopped in physical stores or got it all done online - celebrate tackling ol' "Black Friday" in style with a Swisher BLK Smooth. It's black, sleek look will make you feel like a million bucks knowing your shopping is done early this year. Now you just got to figure out who's gonna wrap all that stuff! 


Happy seven days of Kwanzaa! If you celebrate Kwanzaa, you're more than likely making the most of the holiday by feasting, singing, dancing, and exchanging gifts. Decorate the house with fruit and bust out the Kinara and celebrate in style! To compliment all that delicious creole cooking - enjoy a White Owl White Chocolate cigar - the hints of white and milk chocolate compliment the creole spices perfectly!


No matter what holiday you celebrate, enjoy this holiday season surrounded by family and friends you love - appropriately socially distanced, of course! It's been a stressful year - but we hope you and yours spend some quality time celebrating holiday traditions and have a blessed and happy holiday season!


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And as always - please smoke responsibly!!




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